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I was an early Kickstarter contributor, but so far all the game dev updates seem to revolve around cheesy bonus wearable items, houses and indestructable crafting tools. In some ways, it's like LB is trying to take some sort of dramatic revenge against EA but the plot is stuck in 2001 as they roll out stuff like basements and private islands. While I have no doubt this game will be released, I'm afraid it's just going to be a banksitter's crafting cheesefest as everyone struts around in a robe they spent hundreds of dollars to obtain. I have yet to see any intriguing dungeons or challenging quests, its just more damn wearables. At least in they aren't stuck with unleashing yet another neon hue into, but it's just more pixel crack. LB must really think this is his next ride to orbit.

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I agree with CescoAiel, it is still in such an early phase that we can't expect much more than pixel crack and the gradual testing of basic systems. I am sure more involved content will come with time. It may be an idea to voice the concerns on the SOTA board too, if you haven't already, just in case that is missed.

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