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Useful Links to Shroud of the Avatar sites, youtube channels, radios, comics and guilds

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This is a thread to collect all legal sites and tools for Shroud of the Avatar or in some way not directly deemed against the rules.

Search sites, scripts sites and cheat sites are not allowed. Please post the links to places you know that can be useful, this includes guilds and other Shroud of the Avatar sites.

Useful sites and tools

Link Description
Official Site Portalarium's own site for the game Shroud of the Avatar
Google+ Official community started by Portalarium for the fans
Google+ German The German community for Shroud of the Avatar
SotA Wiki Wiki about Shroud of the Avatar
Forsaken Virtues Dame Lori's Fan site, also the location to download her New Brittanian
Runes Truetype Fonts.
The Poet's Circle The Bards of New Brittania... Poetry and music based on and intended for
Approved and appointed by Royal Decree
The College of Arms The College of Arms of New Brittania. Keepers of the Blazons of the Arms
for New Brittanians entitled to bear arms.
Approved and appointed by Royal Decree
The Caverns A blog and newssite that has been publishing since the very early days
of SotA kickstartert
The Hearth of Britannia Home of the Dragons of New Brittania, by Joseph "Rustic Dragon"
Toschlog, community relations at Portalarium...
SotA Roleplaying Community Website for those that wish to role play their way through New Brittania.
SotA Stratics Stratics Shroud of the Avatar site

Youtube and videochannels

Link Description
The Mad Hermit House walkthroughs, crafting guides, screen jams, all easily consumable
in short video clips

Radio and audio

Link Description
Avatar's Radio Get your groove on while you read the SotA forums, and place requests on
their IRC channel...


Link Description

Shroud of the Avatar Guilds

Server Link Description
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