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Shroud of the Avatar: Still possible to join and become founder at a discount!

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Hi all,


[[Only 1 pledge left!]]


I've overshot my target by one, so I'm accepting one more pledge now, to make it to the next tier...


If you've seen Shroud of the Avatar before, and aren't sure you want to pay too much for a pre-alpha game, or you've considered it, but didn't want to spend the money during kickstarter. Or even if you are already a benefactor, but missed the chance to be a founder by chipping in during the kickstarter, you still have time!


If you don't know about Shroud of the Avatar yet, it is Richard "Lord British" Garriott and Starr "Lord Blackthorne / Darkstarr" Long's new crowd-funded game, which is aimed to be the spiritual successor to the Utima and Ultima Online games. They are joined by DragonLance author Tracy Hickmann, who - together with Richard Garroitt - is writing the backstory and lore in a novel which is first digitally published in episodes and will be available to backers for download (and at higher levels in print).


Founder pledges are still available until 7 April 2014, but cannot be gotten directly. If you pledge now, the lowest pledge is $45, and you'll become a benefactor Adventurer.

Founder pledges are only available through the assistance of existing (royal) founders, and are discounted compared to normal pledges. The lowest pledge level available (Adventurer) through a founder is $40... With the (temporary) Alienware promo add-on of $20 you'll be a Founder Founder
(Additional discounts are available to founders until 7 April due to the lower pledge prices!)

Founders get additional perks per tier, and they get to pick from all housing options at their tier and below, whereas benefactors only get to pick from a subset of the houses (excluding, among others, any waterfront houses). Founders also get extra titles to chose from...
(If you want a founder pledge, get that *before* you claim the Alienware promo, as it eliminates the need to get the pledges merged manually by support, which takes 7-10 working days at the moment!)

I am a "Royal Founder" and I am willing to help you get a founder pledge "gifted"... I cannot afford to give them away, but I can give you a discount by giving away some of my referral bonus, and pay part of the pledge amount!

I will "gift" these pledges for $ 30 (or € 25), so there's your initial discount... With the Alienware promo, that is a $60 value for only $30, an effective 50% discount!

(I cannot afford to give away more than that, since it involves real cash from my side to account for the discount I give from my virtual referral bonus!)


If you want to know more about the process, PM me here or find me on the SotA Marketplace as Bodhbh Dearg!

I am in Europe, so mind the time zones! clear.png

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2 questions I was asked:


1) Can I get higher pledges this way?

Not directly through the founders (there is no additional discount for the gifting founder for higher pledges, but there is higher risk, since real cash is involved), but once you have the Founder's Adventurer pledge ($40 value, benefactor eq. costs $45) you can add Alienware's $20 Bonus, which gets you to Founder Founder ($60 value for founders, $65 for benefactors).

You can then further upgrade the pledge directly through Portalariums website, and get founder discounted prices.

A few examples:

At Explorer your discount is $15 ($120 for founders, $135 for benefactors)

At Knight your discount is $50 ($750 for founders, $800 for benefactors)

At Lord your discount is $100 ($1500 for founders, $1600 for benefactors)



2) Will SotA have a subscription?

According to Portalarium there will be no subscription.
There'll be 5 episodes, and you just buy each episode, and play it... Or pledge at least to explorer ($120 for founders or $135 for benefactors) and get all episodes included!
They do have a store where you can buy in-game add-ons like land deeds, houses, basements, deco and other items... (As well as RL stash)
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Upcoming Thursday 27 March - Sunday 30 March it will be time for the 4th Pre-Alpha release where backers at Adventurer level or higher can taste the world and game mechanics.


Release information for R4 included:


  • Performance Optimizations: Introducing multiplayer in Release 3 exposed some performance issues that needed resolution sooner than later. To that end we are making this a top priority for Release 4 so more players can enjoy the game. Giving this the time it needs requires us to both move the date for Release 4 out by one week and to move much of the combat work we had originally planned out to Release 5 and beyond.
  • Overworld Map System: An initial version of our dual scale navigation system will launch and players will use it to navigate between towns and adventuring areas.
  • 10 Scenes: The Hidden Vale, a hidden island north north east of the mainland, will be complete with 10 scenes including towns, wilderness, caves, and dungeons.
  • Combat: Those first scenes will have nasty beasts in them, so we’ve decided we should give you a way to fight back! This first release of combat will be extremely simple and focus just on auto swing using your equipped weapon. Death will also be kept simple for now: you will auto resurrect at your death location after a short time interval.
  • Quests: Players will be able to participate in quests that will send them around the world and even change game state in the scenes based on quest flags. Testing this early is important because our quest system operates differently than the current standards (e.g. no exclamation points or convo trees). As a stretch goal we will also provide the first version of the journal.
  • Loot: Killing those nasty creatures you encounter and quests will generate loot including gold and resources.
  • Crafting: Resource Gathering will be added to crafting with resources appearing in the world. More recipes will also become available
  • Player Housing: The housing system will be re-launched with persistence in the online space. Since we are still on the small island of Hidden Vale there are not yet enough lots to go around. To continue to allow everyone to try out player housing the ownership of the lots will cycle every hour or two
  • Parties: We will continue to expand our social systems by adding a Party system so players can group together and adventure.
  • Mac/Linux Patching: No longer will you have to download a full executable whenever we release a new patch. Mac and Linux versions will patch just like the Windows version.
  • Swimming: Jumping was just the first step to giving players a much greater feeling of movement freedom. Like jumping, swimming will eventually be governed by game systems like encumbrance and focus.
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1 day to go until R4 starts...


I have reached my goal of becoming Knight tier, but I am now trying to raise my son's (12) pledge (which he doesn't even know he has yet!), so if you're interested, I can still help you get a founder's pledge in SotA:


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If you want to try it, there is another pre-alpha release this Thu-Sun... Next one is late April. (But you'll need to pledge at at least Adventurer level to get access!)


If you want to have founder privileges, you'd have until 7 April to get a founder's pledge. Founders get a number of perks, including more house-choices per tier (included housing starts at Citizen level) and precedence during the lot selection (Per tier the lot selection order is royal founders, founders, benefactors), and a lot of extra benefits, including decorative items, starter weapons and armor, etc.


I'm traveling tomorrow (to Bangalore! :(), so expect some delays in response!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Just letting the community know there is only 3 days left if you were contemplating a founder's pledge...   ;)


I'm trying to improve my son's (11, almost 12) pledge by referrals, so if you pledge through me, you'll be helping him too!

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If Cesco reaches his goal for his son, I'm also available to gift it.

LOL... Not really worried about that, TBH... 3 days to go, and I still need 7 pledges to get him to Citizen...

(If it wasn't for some anonymous benefactor putting "Goibniu" as the referrer ID during pledging, giving a "free" referral to him, it'd still be 8...)


But yeah, Kay knows how it works and can help too...  ;)

(In case you don't trust me, despite Kayhynn's praise <G>)

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