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Before posting to this forum - this is required reading.

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There are strict conditions on what can be posted in this forum, so please read this thread entirely before making any scam accusations in this forum.


New notification -


EA has decided that RMT is NOT allowed in Ultima Online - if you are scammed during a RMT (real money transaction), the best we can offer is a sorry for your luck.  By participating, you are as guilty of violating the rules as the person that supposedly scammed you.  While there may be those that think that no RMT is a stupid rule, it is, nonetheless the rule, and, unfortunately, there's no justification for rewarding any violating activity.  Sorry.


If you have proof of a scam, or theft, involving RMT, and you live in a jurisdiction that believes that virtual items have a true cash value, then we sincerely recommend that you contact your local law enforcement. 




Now, to move on to situations that involve ONLY commodities that can be obtained, legally, within the Ultima Online universe (gold, items, housing lots, etc)


You can't just accuse someone of scamming.  You MUST provide proof of the scam


1) You must have proof.


2) Include the character name or other information (guild titles, neon hair) as well as exactly how they scammed you and what proof you have.

3) You must have proof.


4) Please include the ICQ logs, Screenshots, etc.
You may not post ANY personal information.  If you do, and you happen to be incorrect, I can give you 3 guesses as to who is legally liable, and you aren't the answer to any of those guesses.  This includes, but is not limited to, real names, e-mail addresses, paypal info, etc.  Any posts containing this information, or purports to be a scam based on an RMT transaction will be removed on the first occasion.  Reposting of said information will merit a more serious response

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