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How not to report a scammer - pt 1

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1) Please include the scammer's ICQ/MSN/Yahoo/AIM Name and Number along with Paypal email address or any other pertinent information that you may have.


info removed - I have retained it separately.

2) Include the character name or other information (guild titles, neon hair) as well as exactly how they scammed you and what proof you have.


info removed - I have retained it separately.



I don't have proof yet.


And that is one of two very large issues here - you posted personal information on a public forum, with no proof, by your own admission.  That opens both you and these forums up to a whole legal can of worms that nobody wants to deal with.


The second is, RMT (real money transactions) are against the TOS from EA/Mythic/UO/whomever.  It's against the rules - and that's a two way street.  It's hard to feel sympathy for a rule breaker getting scammed by another (alleged) rule breaker.  To quote Judge Judy, bad behaviour is not rewarded, even if it's the victim of another bad behaviour.


Normally, I'd delete these kinds of posts in their entirety.  I'm leaving this as an object lesson.  If you're going to break the rules, you are taking your own chances.  Your friend needs to report this incident to Paypal, and if you have some sort of actual proof, to the local police.  But not here.  And we certainly will not allow a persons personal information to be posted without anything resembling proof.

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