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Stop'N by to say hello to all the vets that still play

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KiD BlaiR

KiD BlaiR


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Seen UO pop up on MMORPG.com .. its been many years since I have set foot near UO.. I miss it I was in love with this game when I was young.. till the horrid day they changed everything and turned it into poo.. ah UO you will always be the most fun I had playing an MMO.. my first love.. lol ;) k tks.



Old School UO.


bucs den.

wrong roof duels.

killing tamers in wind.

overweight diggers..



wish I would have saved some screen shots back then.

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Laddi Dah

Laddi Dah


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I came back to UO 2 years ago because I got tired of playing the other "poo" games. UO has its problems but the player base is getting older and along with that a lot more mature. There are still some very nice people around and the guilds on the Atlantic shard where I play seem very active. I am currently working with UO.com to retrieve my earliest account I had in 1998-99. Hoping...

I have kept a few pics from back then. One shot of main character in a dungeon and a weird one of me on my boat in the middle of trees in the water. Love those glitches...lol

One big problem for new players and returning ones is the age of the game. The vets have TONS of gold to spend and things have gotten outrageously expensive because of it. A castle costs in the billions...good lord

I started on Baja. Here's a few of my memories from back then.

dying from not eating and watching everyone steal my newbie 100 gold
stealing newbie gold from new players that died from not eating
cooking burnt food
making human jerky
the big blue/red fights outside Despise
wearing full plate as a mage (med gained just fine when casting)
kissing up to wandering reds when I was mining
being EXTREMELY irritated at the stamina message displayed with running into someone, I'm still not a Felucca fan because of it
chasing reds and blues with my thief in Bucs...got no idea why they ran from me...
placing my house anywhere I damn well pleased
dragging things all the way back to town
losing a lot of stupid pack horses because they aggro-ed and attacked everything in sight
Moving one whole pace every 20 seconds because my comp and internet conn speed were poo

As you can see it was a mix of fun and pain for me back then. In 2000 I came back with a better connection, better comp and the few changes that were made I liked. Then EA happened...sigh. I still don't get what elves and ninjas have to do with the Avatar and his journey to gain the virtures but I live with it.
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