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2014 Europa Rares Festival Silent Auction Information

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Greetings ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the 2014 Europa Rares Festival. It is my honor and pleasure to be hosting the Silent Auction for this festival on Saturday evening February 8th, 2014 ending at midnight GMT. Please use this websitehttp://www.worldtimebuddy.com/ to determine when the auctions end in your time zone. For scheduling information regarding other events going on at the europa rares festival please visit this link here, thank you!



There will only be one Silent Auction House with 100 biddable lots for everyone to enjoy. I am now accepting items for the Silent Auctions. Please note I may not include all submitted items, low value items, and repeat items. I will try to provide a wide variety of rares to choose from, and I will definitely accept at least one qualified submission from every seller. I am strictly a volunteer, there is no fee for submitting or paying for your auction items. If you are new to silent auctions, please read instructions on how to participate below.

Auction Rules For Sellers:


All sellers who wish to participate in the Silent Auction must hand me their items in a bag with a book with your prominent name, your contact information, reserves, buyouts, will you accept gold on both Europa & Atlantic, any and all necessary pertinent information to help me promote selling your item. This book will be placed on display with each of your items for all to read. Please use the picture above as a reference. Sellers can either contact me to hand me these items personally or drop them off in a mailbox at the Silent Auction Houses on Europa.

Please note for your convenience I will be accepting payment for these auction items on the Europa and Atlantic shards. However bidder determines which of those two shards gold will be paid on.

Sellers Please Only Hand Items To This Nails Warstein

Do not hand your items off to an imposter, only I will have my ICQ in my subtitle, Guild Abbreviations ~AFK, and europa gold colored Royal Explorer clothes. (new picture forthcoming)


Auction Rules For Bidders:


All bidding will be done via Bulletin Board. Bidders please read the books locked down with the items to determine what the reserve and buyouts are, if there are in fact any. All bidders and proxy bidders must include their prominent name (not unknown alias) and provide contact information (ICQ, AIM, Yahoo, or Stratics Name) in addition to their bid amount. All Bids must be made in 1 Million Gold or higher increments. There will be a 10 minute cool down period starting with the last bid placed on items during the last 10 minutes, the cool down period begins at 6:50 PM. Players can choose to continue bidding past 7:00 PM EST only on items that received bids during the last 10 minutes period, and can continue bidding for another 10 minutes until no more bids have been received for a full 10 minutes. Anyone can bid in this cool down period, even players who have not previously bid on the item. Please note any bids not adhering to the auction rules will be deleted. I will also ban any malicious bidders from further participation.

Receiving Your Winnings:


Gold will be acceptable on Atlantic and Europa shards only. Players will have 5 days (120 hours) to pay for their items, or be placed on notice as a non-paying bidder in the rares community. I will broker the sale of all the items presented in the silent auction houses. In order to receive your winnings, you must contact me via ICQ, Stratics, or Facebook. My colorful army of Orienteering Robed vendors will accept your gold. After you have bought of these vendors, I will deliver onto you, your winning item(s). I might be able to personally provide limited gold swapping for a few select shards if you notify me in advance. Please contact me for additional optional payment methods.

My Reliable Hours of Availability:

10 AM to 2 PM EST

5 PM - 8 PM EST

11 PM - 2 AM EST

Bidders + Sellers can only contact me here on Stratics & ICQ &http://www.facebook.com/nailswarstein

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