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If you were EM

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    The Dread Pirate Sablestorm

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So the EM Event looked pretty ugly tonight.  My screen was spammed with the names of my fellow Pacific players as they died.  I'm not a huge fan of super insta-death monsters so I wanted to start this thread to see what alliance members would do differently.  What type of boss creatures would you create?


For myself, I'd make something like a high hit point shadow dragon with plague beast ability.  I'm thinking it would have the dragon ability to retarget foes, thus spreading damage out to different players.  It would also have necromancy, so the wither would let it retarget as well as opposed to just an area blast which kills just about every player in range.  Secondly, the plague beast ability would let it generate followers who would join in the fight and when those followers died, it would reanimate them as undead with it's necro ability.  Not an insta-death creature but something that would still force players to keep an eye on themselves.



    Legendary ScribblerUO News Manager

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The event was poorly planned and executed. If we were expecting fighting or forewarned we could have handled it differently. I don't get mad easily but this pushed me past my breaking point.




    Aneirin - UP - VTC

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I always thought EM events could use a lot of work.


One thing EMs don't tend to do is think about their target audience when developing events.


There are a few monster "templates" which make events very interesting, which have always been underused as well. 


i.e. Abyssal Infernal constantly summons help. This can be used to create great chaos. While the good teams can take it on easily, the players who fight as individuals tend to make it worse.


Lots of mid range creatures, such as Miasma, could also make things very interesting. Imagine whole teams of people needing to deal with bleeds and mortal strikes. Add more hit points and remove slayer vulnerabilities to make it more fun.


Meraktus can cause good chaos, but can be overused. For example, 2 or more makes sure everyone dies at once... not fun. But one at a time means people should get the idea and kill the Tormenter first.


One of my favorite "old school" bosses was the ones the Seers (Not EMs, before their time...) would play themselves. There was nothing like fighting a thinking opponent who would switch targets to kill the greatest threat or try to hide to heal up (as long as they stayed in the area, it's all good), uses field spells for crowd control, etc. I would LOVE for EM events to get back to that style of "quest".


When it came to EM events, I had a philosophy of always being ready for fighting. Of course, my roleplay character had that philosophy anyway, since there were enemies everywhere.

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