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Auction 469 Item List

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Damien Bedford

Damien Bedford

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1  A Robe of the Equinox
2  Pads of the Cu Sidhe
3  A Rune Beetle Carapace
4  A Song Woven Mantle
5  A Bloody Sash
6  A Tome of Lost Knowledge
7  A Bloodwood Spirit
8  A Pixie Swatter
9  A Runed Sash of Warding
10  An Embroidered Oak Leaf Cloak [Replica]
11  A Polar Bear Mask
12  A Rocking Horse
13  Spell Woven Britches
14  Nystul's Wizard's Hat - Museum of Vesper Replica
15  A Nox Ranger's Heavy Crossbow
16  Gauntlets of Anger [Replica]
17  A Boomstick
18  Five Hand Painted Masks
19  Two Shields of Invulnerability
20  A Small Banana Tree
21  A Fang of Ractus [Replica]
22  A Candelabra of Souls
23  A Runed Driftwood Bow
24  A Hooded Robe of Umbra
25  A Hooded Robe of Shadows
26  An Embroidered Oak Leaf Cloak [Replica]
27  A Boomstick
28  Three Mana Phasing Orbs
29  A Deviously Drawn Treasure Map
30  A Totem of the Void
31  A Dark Blue Special Hair Dye
32  A Bag of Eight Artifacts
33  A Luna White Special Hair Dye
34  An Axe of Abandon
35  Human Robes of the Equinox and the Eclipse
36  120 Tactics - 5m Reserve
37  A Blood Red Special Hair Dye
38  A Vibrant Crimson Pigment
39  A Human Hailstorm - 8m Reserve
40  Two +60 Hammers
41  Clockwork Leggings
42  A Torch, Whose Flame is the Imprisoned Lightning... - 8m Reserve
43  A Pumpkin and a Carving Kit
44  A Fire Orange Special Hair Dye
45  A Crimson Cincture
46  Legendary Detective of the Royal Guard [Replica] +2 Int
47  A Conjurer's Trinket
48  A Vicious Cuddly Drop Bear in Celebration of Australia Day - 8m Reserve

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