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Selling the following items on LS

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wall blood spatter (2 piece rare)
wall blood spatter (rare)
common wall spatter (1 stone)
bloody water
wash basin
shackles x2 each direction
broken chair
3 bones 35 stones each
13 player heads (lockdownable)
1 complete corpse (non-lockdownable)
46 various body parts mainly heads (non-lockdownable)
3 different types of player cards
folded sheet
ship model
rolled map
a ship claim ticket
golden compass
schiaparellis telescope
rock (similar to artifact rarity)
L shaped rock
Brazier no stand
2-2 piece marble table n/w
2 piece marble table E/w
covered chair
4x skull candles 2 lit 2 unlit
empty jar
head of a cauldron born demon
ginseng root large
standing ginseng x2 each direction
singing ball
6x bottles
full plough
2x silverware
2x tray (each direction)
music stand
2x singing statue
2x golden goblet
wood curls
6x hay
moulding board
x3 various dirty pots
x3 various pots
mistas cider
a container (barrel)
2x ceramic (mug each direction)
straw pillow
2x bloody bandage
2x curroded monacles (each direction)
ringmail sleeves of the phoenix
you were naughty this year (complete)
happy holidays (complete)
broken clock (5 stones)
2 gold bloodmoss
Leather sleeves stuck in box
chainmail tunic stuck in box
feathers (3 conencted)
2+ of each necro reagents
complete "scroll" set
worlds heaviest runebook (35 stones)
glacial butcher knife
complete mini house deed set
guild stone (haggis)
skull mug
rune etched want
gladiator of luna sash
complete rubble picnic table (9 piece)
47 piece obsidian statue collection
55 piece snow globes collection
Holiday bell collection (each name and colour organized)
birthday bell collection (each name and colour organized)
86 piece solstice candle colelction (each colour)
21 coin collection
30+ piece collection of old house add on deeds
6 glowing runes (blue)
10 vet braziers (1 tall)
easel with canvas {exceptional} crafted by karina
Small rubble display case
red checkers



ICQ#591096242 to inquire