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The 450th Auction!

- - - - -

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Damien Bedford

Damien Bedford

    Home of the beard

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You might have heard that the 450th Europa Auction will be a special one, with lots of rares to bid on or gawp at! What you probably didn't know is that we'll have a few more fun activities for you all as well!

We'll start off with a return to the old favourite Bovine Madness, and then there will be a special surprise quest for you to take part in. Don't worry, you don't need any special skills for this one!

We've got some pretty special items for you too, so be sure to bring your money bags, or just come along and watch the bidding!

The Auction will start at 7pm UK time on the 7th of August at the Auction House on Umbra road. Gates will be available from Luna bank, or you can use our house teleporter from EA&E Retail at the North East corner of Luna.

We hope to see you there!

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Damien Bedford

Damien Bedford

    Home of the beard

  • Members
  • PipPipPip
  • 578 posts
And here's the full list of items!

1 Ask & Be Answered Crystal Ball
2 Bracelet of Protection (Kinetic Eater 15%) - 3m reserve
3 Glass Dagger
4 30,000 Diamonds Weddingband, 200 Diamonds Necklace, 5000 Diamonds Bracelet
5 Race Change Token
6 Large Potted Tree
7 Stat Scroll +25 - 5m reserve
8 Blue Crystallised Essence
9 Magical Door Replica - 8m reserve
10 Veracity's Treasure Box with the rare music box gear "The Wanderer"
11 Crown of Talkeesh [Replica]
12 Full Set of Shrine Snowglobes (Including Chaos Shrine)
13 Imbued Glacial Dagger
14 Vet Reward Exodus Statuette - 30m reserve
15 A Guild Deed
16 "Green" tagged Kilt
17 Tears From a Broken Heart - 100m reserve
18 Corgul's Enchanted Sash
19 Full Set of 12 Jukan & Meer Heirlooms - 18m reserve
20 Blessed Tangle - 14m reserve
21 Small Soulforge Deed - 125m reserve
22 Oracle of the Sea
23 Medusa Statue - 10m reserve
24 I Beat Mesanna Playing Let's Make a Deal Lantern - 250m reserve
25 Yellow Crystallized Essence
26 Vet Reward Navery Night-Eyes Statuette - 20m reserve
27 L-Ag Cure - 100m reserve
28 Speak "sarcophagidae" in the Central Room of ther Tomb Book
29 Non-Luck Conjurer's Garb - 40m reserve
30 A Statue of Juo'nar
31 Ruined Banner - 11m reserve
32 Valentines Bag with 11 Assorted Valentine Items
33 Wind Spirit [Replica] - 10m reserve
34 Compassion's Eye - 5m reserve
35 Scroll of Valiant Commendation [Replica] - 13m reserve

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