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Auction 448 Item List

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Damien Bedford

Damien Bedford

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1 A Soul Seeker
2 An Ancient Samurai Helm
3 14 Level Six Treasure Maps
4 10 Lucky Coin
5 120 Resisting Spells - 5m Reserve
6 A Black Cat Statuette
7 Three Remove Traps SoAs
8 A Hephaestus - 9m Reserve
9 20k Dull Copper Ingots
10 A White Leather Dye Tub
11 Four Forged Pardons - 2m Reserve
12 A 100% Energy Damage Mace
13 A Night's Kiss
14 A Meer Captain Statuette
15 120 Necromancy
16 120 Magery - 5m Reserve
17 A Star Blue Pigment
18 A Quiver of Infinity
19 A Commodity Box
20 Royal Leggings of Embers
21 A Certificate of Capture - 10m Reserve
22 A Yellow Crystalised Essence - 15m Reserve
23 60k Iron Ingots
24 A Helm of Swiftness
25 An Advanced Character Token - 20m Reserve
26 The Tapestry of Sosaria
27 A Marble Character Statue Deed - 5m reserve
28 Pads of the Cu Sidhe
29 60k Golden Ingots - 15m Reserve
30 10k Shadow Iron Ingots
31 60k Heartwood Boards
32 A Lava Tile
33 Four Special Hair Dyes
34 Two Raised Garden Beds - 26m reserve
35 A Despicable Quiver
36 Brightsight Lenses
37 A Dread Pirate Hat
38 A Yellow Crystalised Essence - 15m Reserve
39 200 of Each Named Fish Type - 30m Reserve
40 A Skullcap Crafted by a Successfully Rescued Miner EM Item - 10m Reserve
41 Hygieia's Amulet [Replica]
42 A Yellow Polkadot Bikini Top - 7m Reserve
43 Unicorn Mane Woven Talons
44 Unicorn Mane Woven Sandals
45 60k Verite Ingots - 22m Reserve
46 50k Horned Leather
47 A 2.0 Taming SoT, 2 Poisoning SoAs and a Fishing SoA
48 A Shadow Cloak of Rejuvination
49 3 Pieces of Black Boulder - 20m Reserve
50 A Vertical White Lava Tile - 30m Reserve

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