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Auction 447 Item List

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Damien Bedford

Damien Bedford

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1 Honorable Swords of Romi
2 An Eye of the Travesty
3 A Burglar's Bandanna
4 A Boomstick
5 Pads of the Cu Sidhe
6 A Slate Blue Pigment
7 Ancient Urn of Romi
8 Melisande's Corroded Hatchet
9 An Agapite Runic Hammer
10 A Lava Tile
11 A 1.0 Imbuing SoT
12 Travesty's Fine Teakwood Tray
13 Five Level Seven Treasure Maps
14 34 Bronze Runic Hammers
15 A Scrappers Compendium
16 A Full Set of Crystal Items
17 A Full Set of Shadow Items
18 A Medusa Floor Tile - 6m Reserve
19 Fey Leggings
20 A 0.8 Tailoring Powerscroll
21 A Guild Deed
22 A Staff of Freedom Infused with Firework Spells - Legends 2010 Event Item
23 A Bless Deed
24 A Gladiator's Collar [Replica] - 22m Reserve
25 10 Chaos Blue Pigments
26 18 Snowglobes - 2m Reserve
27 A Liquid Sunshine Pigment
28 A Scroll of Valiant Commendation - 15m Reserve
29 A Kasa of the Raj-in
30 A Pixie Swatter
31 L-Ag Cure - 100m Reserve
32 A Daemon Bone Armour Set
33 Gauntlets of Nobility
34 Daimyo's Helm
35 Wind of Corruption
36 400 Fear Essence
37 A 45 Charge Invulnerability Blue Pigment of Tokuno
38 A Star Blue Pigment
39 Compassion's Eye
40 A PvP UBWS Kryss
41 Mesanna's Bones - 8m Reserve
42 4 Int Mystical Detective Boots [Replica] - 16m Reserve
43 A Hooded Robe of Umbra
44 A Hooded Robe of Shadows
45 Melissa's Cloak
46 A Replica of the Vulcan's Madness Kryss - 40m Reserve
47 A Wall Carving Middle Piece - 70m Reserve
48 Three Tragic Remains of the Travesty
49 A Web
50 20 Pieces of Tangle Cloth - 10m Reserve

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