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Greetings - quest for info on UO Olympics

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Nice to see some faces of days gone by are still involved with PaxLair. I played in what could be considered the golden area of Pax from 98-00. I started playing UO again on a player run shard about a year ago and have been holding some events, etc. I am curious if anyone recalls the All-Britannia Olympics? The All-Britannia Olympics | Ultima Online I am seeking any information about the Olympics such as events, pictures, etc. I recall darts, horseracing, archery, paladin battle, mage battle as some of the events and the unique medals given to the winners. Any info, accounts, and/or pics would be greatly appreciated. My thanks. -Johari

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According to UO.com: "The Olympics were to be held every six months, and the first Olympic games were held in May 1999 after many months of planning and preparations, and lasted just over a week. The teams competed in various events such as, a mage battle, relay races, a baking contest, and a paladin's battle."

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