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Auction 445 Item List

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1 4 Stone Pavers
2 Furniture Dye Tub
3 Shield of Invulnerability
4 Medusa Statuette
5 Double Exceptional Table
6 1.0 Mysticism Scroll of Transcendence
7 Heritage Token
8 Green Special Hair Dyer
9 Forged Pardon
10 1000 Diamonds Weddingband
11 Oak Blonde Natural Hair Dye
12 Corgul's Handbook on Mysticism
13 2 Reforged Bokutos
14 Bless Deed
15 Straw Pillow
16 120 Discordance Powerscroll
17 Gargoyle Prismatic Lenses
18 1000 Sapphire Necklace
19 Set of 10 Assorted Scrolls of Alacrity
20 Corgul's Enchanted Sash
21 Ethereal Reptalon Statuette - 16m reserve
22 Full Set of Flutes of Renewal
23 Ash Blonde Natural Hair Dye
24 Birds of Britannia Library Talisman
25 10 Lucky Coins
26 Mesanna's Bones
27 Magery Scroll of Alacrity
28 Full Set of Jukan and Meer Relics - 18m reserve
29 Soul Seeker
30 4 Mini House Deeds
31 Scroll of Valiant Commendation (Replica)
32 Bloody Sash
33 Set of 7 Assorted Juka Bows
34 Set of 15 Quest Items
35 Void Infused Kilt
36 Glossy Fuchsia Pigment - 25m reserve
37 Protector of the Battle Mage
38 Mark of Travesty +10 Swords, +10 Tactics - 5m reserve
39 120 Magery Powerscroll - 15m reserve
40 Undead Slayer Flute of Renewal
41 Jester hat of Chuckles - Museum of Vesper Replica
42 0.5 Discordance Scroll of Transcendence
43 Full Set of Virtue Armour
44 Full Rack - 3m reserve
45 Dawn's Music Box with 9 Common tracks, 4 Uncommon tracks and 4 Rare tracks
46 27 Virtues Armour Parts