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nox fencer still works?

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hello people. i wanted to create a 4/6 chiv & spellweaving dexxer, but it costs so much to suit it up. Soooo... im thinking about some alternatives, really want to play a dexxer.
At first i thought about necro/dexxer :
120 fencing
115 anat
115 tactics
100 res spells
60 necro ( + 5 from blodwood)
90 ss ( + 5 from bw)
rest in healing.

the template seems nice, But i thought it will be hard to balance stats, as i need all 3. 120 dex for heal, high mana, and of course, a lot of str. I love the idea to cast spells and do mellee, though..

I could get MI,LMC and MR suit, totally about 11 MR and max LMC.
I would cast Strangle from scroll...

Then there is nox dexxer:
120 fenc
115 anat
115 tac
100 nox
100 res spells
90 healing
rest in meditation.

Its cheaper to suit up...
But people are telling me that there is a little point of poisoning these days, as everyone is carrying pots with themselves.

So... Idk what to really choose. any ideas? ty.



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Nox Fencer works fine, especially since the potions got a timer. Some people like to combine it with ninjitsu. The only problem as a melee in pvp is to actually hit people. they just won't stand still ^^ so I usually find it easier to play ranged fighter, but yeah, I've died to nox fencers, I'd give it a whirl.

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