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Melee training Post pub 81.

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first things first this is just the way I did things, there are doezens of different ways to gain to 120 melee / tactics so PLEASE post your way if its different to mine, the more information the better.
on great lakes I will craft free training suits for anyone who asks me for them. They are GM ringmail/plate gorget with a close helm in dull copper that give 70 phys resist + 24 HPI, 40 Stamina increase and 40 mana increase. PM me if you want one making and Ill do it as soon as I can.

With the recent changes and the fact that golems are now useless for training I though an updated Melee training guide was in order.
Ok, so if you want to hack, slash, stab, bash, bludgeon, poke or fire projectiles or throw silly gargoyle frizbies at stuff you will need to know what to kill and when to kill it.
First things first, New heaven will train you up to 40 in melee and archery skill as wel as the all important tactics skill. You can also then get a new player quest that will give enhanced skill gains in “old heaven” the town is swarming with undead nasties that will only attack you if you attack them. Nice!
Ok so once you are up to 50 skill in weps skill / tactics where do we go?? You don’t need a decent suit, just something that gives good physical resistance and if possible extra stamina. If training Swordsmanship a butcher knife , Fencing a dagger, macing a club archery a repeating xbow or for throwing a boomerang, basically a fast wep.
From 50 to 70 I headed to felucca and went to despise and fought ettins, 70-90 I kicked butt on earth elementals 90 – 120 I went to the painted caves with a soulseeker and killed troglodites I made a butt load of money there too and collected about 4000 bandages! .

I Have also recently done from 70 to 120 in the revamped shame dungeon, the opening area has mud pies and earth elementals. They are fairly tough so you get lots of hits on them before they die and they don’t hit so hard as to be an issue. If you are working healing you will be fine, I did it with only confidence to heal and I could take on several at once. The mud pies will take you to around 80 before gains begin to slow down. The earth elementals will take you to around 90 -95 in both melee skill and tactics. OK, your now adept/master in your deathdealing and need to improve! Run over, kick the cave troll guarding the next area in the groin (kill it really) and head on through to the next level, dash past the mud elementals, these walking poop piles have 120 wrestling so are a lil out of your range just yet.., head instead to the Clay golems and work these until about 110 – 115 skill in both tactics and wep skill. The reason I like these is because they have a chance to drop “big” gems, turquoise, perfect emeralds ect. And the loot you get from them can be pretty good.
Once you have reached 110-115 the mud elementals will take you to 120 easy enough.
I enjoyed training here and made a decent amount og gold and got some pretty good items. I was gathering stuff up to take to my crafter to unravel, I made 2mil off all the essences I got unravelling the loots J

Happy hunting.



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wow thanks for this
was trying to figure out how to 120 melee without golem
you can go from 90 to 120 at painted caves with trogs?