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Super caster - Mystic/mage/necro/weaver! long guide

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Ok time for a template guide!


This is a template I have been working on perfecting for a while and it’s an out and out powerhouse!


As far as casters go it’s the most complete and playable template I have EVER played, period. Seriously, this guy is like the sampire of casters… He can’t kill as quickly as a sampire, well in some cases he can but he will never run out of mana, has 7, yes 7 ways to heal and to top it all off he can absorb damage and deal more direct damage in one sitting than any other character type!


Ok here it goes… He is a Mage/Mystic/Necro/Spellweaver! The template is reliant on a couple of artifacts to get the best out of him but they shouldn’t break the bank, a good reforged suit will help out but I will take you through each step of the way! Artifacts you will want / need are Crystalline ring and Ornament of the magician and possibly hat of the magi. Here is my template.


Mage 100 (120) Crystalline Ring

mysticism 110

eval 110

focus 100 (120) Crystalline Ring

SW 120

Necro 90

SS 90


With regards to the suit, you can go about it any way, you don’t have to break the bank but I personally am a keen crafter and take my suits seriously lol. I was sat on a bunch of large bods that yielded barbed kits so I stocked up on around 20 barbed kits. I made a bunch of leather pieces with even spread on the resists. OK now for the expensive part (if you bought them that is muhahaha) with your 120 imbuer stand next to your soulforge and then target the armour piece. Select powerful reforging then select the named options of mystic of sorcery and arcane of wizardry it will use 5 charges per go and you are looking for the following INT increase or a resist boost – Mana increase, Lower mana cost, lower reagent cost, mana regeneration4 if you are lucky . MI , MR, LMC, LRC are the prime ones. If you manage to get MR 4 LMC 10, LRC 20, MI 10 and a resist boost on 4 pieces like I did J then switch out to Mystic / sorcery and fortified of defence for the final piece and hope for LRC 20 – MR4, MI10 and 2 resist boosts. Combined with your hat of the magi you should be able to reach maximum resists with over capped fire to compensate for wraith form / vamp embrace / reaper form. I used 16 barbed kits and managed the following. My final suit used Hat of the magi, crystalline ring, Imbued brace 3/1 SDI and DCI and EP , conj garb, LT sash, tangle and mana phasing orb and detective boots.


70/95/70/70/75 in resists 40% LMC, 100% LRC – 38 MR 42 SDI, 25 INT + 50 mana! HPR 5 30% DCI 5% enhance potions + 20 magery and +20 focus FCR 5 FC 2 (with spell books, yes I have a scribe and have painstakingly made slayer books with 2/1 FCR and RC) . It was a labour of love and cost me around 100mil in artifacts and then the reforged pieces cost me nothing!


Righty, I started this character almost 6 years ago but began reworking him around about 6 months ago and now I feel I am an expert in this build.


All the skills used are a cake walk to train… remember, Satyrs at twisted weald are your friend, as are magic wands with -29 magery on them… I will start off with a quick overview on what skills to start with and how to train them up fully in a pretty quick fashion.


Now I made this guy so long ago I can’t remember his starting skills but I would start with the following as a minimum and then go from there.


50 mystic / 50 necro – anything else in SS. Make sure you have 40% LMC and 100% LRC as well as a butt load of MI and MR if you can get hold of the gear.


Magery / Eval / focus in. These 3 go hand in hand and Eval will gain using any spell that eval augments focus will gain any time you are using mana! It will be the first skill to hit GM. Direct damage spells, healing / curse / bless you get the idea. Just cast cast cast and it will gain.


Magery training is very easy, as long as you have a decent mana pool and decent MR you will be fine.

Way I do it is to either buy up to 40 in new heaven and do the newbie quest for the free alac effect up to 50, once at 50 stick on your -29 Spell channelling wand and watch it drop down to 21 again J from here cast lvl 2/3 spells up to like 40 skill, then switch to lvl 4 spells, either just stand healing yourself with greater heal or recall around all over the place for fun, its up to you. 50 (modified skill) move up the odd lvl 5 spell and keep going with lvl 5 till you hit around 60 skill (with your want equipped). Once you get to 65 skill just cast invis on yourself over and over, and over. Until you get to 71 skill… pop off your wand and BINGO, GM magery. If you use alacs at lower levels it will speed things up a lot. You can also use the satyr trick along with the wand so you can reach GM using like level 3 and 4 spells. Eval should have gained along the way to a similar level, it will GM itself soon enough as you go hunting.


I would do magery and eval first. Focus will be GM before you can say.. Oh look at that, focus just reached 100!


Next up I would focus on mysticism, reason for this is that RC’s are going to be the bread and butter killing machine that you have in your arsenal. Also nether cyclone and hailstorm are great too!


Mysticism wasn’t too hard to train up. Just do something similar to the following


Starting at 50 cast stone form till you are around 60 skill, then move on to Cleansing wings till 80 skill. You can then go use the satyr trick and get discorded back down to stone form range (40 – 60) and just spam that until you are GM, you might have to throw in some cleansing winds to take you to 110 but it’s an easy peasy way to gain up.


Next up you will want to look at spellweaving, you can’t just start training, and there is a quest chain in either heartwood or sanctuary that you have to complete first. I did it via heartwood from Aeluva the archanist. Follow the quest through till the end and you will be gifted a spellweaving spellbook and a gift of renewal scroll. Then do the friends of the fey quest to get your summon pixie spell. In order to fill up your spellbook you need to kill ML creatures. I found most of mine with my sampire killing miasma and swoop but there are other options basically anything that you kill at an ML dungeon has a chance to drop them. Ok once you have you spellbook that you bought because you gave up on gathering scrolls J then you can start training.


0 – 20 – arcane circle, bo to brit bank, stand on it and spam away. If you’re human you can skip this stage, Jack of all trades is awesome! 20-35ish grab a dagger or any melee wep and cast immolating weapon. 35-45ish spam reaper form on and off! 45 to around 60 spam pixies, do this without an arcane focus so you just cast 1 at a time. Once you have 5 out just cast mass dispel and start over. 60 to around 75 essence of wind. 74 – to around 90 cast wildfire. Can’t cast this in town (unless you target yourself) so either stand outside of GZ and just cast it or use satyr trick and lower your skill back down to previous brackets. From 90 onwards Word of death is the spell to cast. It’s a slow casting spell but you can target anything with it. I will move onto all the spells and their uses later.

Once your at GM it will be usable but you will want 120 to stop you from failing WoD.


Necromancy – easy skill to train but it lowers your karma so make sure to go on hunting trips if you want positive karma. Ok assuming you started with 50 skill spam horrific beast until you get to 70 skill. From 70 to 90 spam wither. If you are finding mana an issue do the following. Once you can cast wither head off to a champion spawn, despise rats I like but keep an eye out for murderers. Cast wraith form. Then get a horde of slimes and rats to start hitting you, assuming you trained up spellweaving you can cast Attunement and gift of life / gift of renewal. Once in wraith form you will gain back mana for the damage that you deal! With a horde of crappy rats and slimes around you just spam wither and you will never run out of mana lol. Do this till 90 skill. SS may have lagged behind a bit but you will get it to 90 soon enough.


OK so that’s the skills trained up. What now?


Basically what you are looking at doing is either dropping down a single powerful summon or a bunch of weaker summons and then blasting the crud out of stuff with spells. Having slayer spell books helps a lot as the more damage you do the more mana you get back in wraith form.


OK I said there are 7 ways for this guy to heal… I Lied there are more , OK so here we go, take a breath. You can heal in the following ways. Potions, Gift of renewal, heal, greater heal , healing stone, cleansing winds, Vampiric embrace/curse wep (using a mage wep) spirit speak, horrific beast. All of which are situational. Horrific beast gives a massive bonus to hit point regeneration, potions you know what they are no more needed to say, heal / greater heal, tried and tested healing spells, Healing stone, high powered heal and cure in one! Make sure you keep it topped up though. Cleansing winds, auto heal and cure, awesome. Vampiric embrace – using a mage wep if you are pounding on a critter you will gain back some of the damage you deal as health, add in a curse wep to make this more effective. Spirit speak, you can either channel mana for a heal or leech off the corpses of dead critters. Gift of renewal, with this spell active and a lvl 6 focus you will heal 15 hp’s every couple of seconds, it’s great. You can also cast attunement that will soak up 90 hit points worth of damage before you start taking damage. Gift of renewal should always be active, if you should ever die guess what, this will rez you!


Ok we have looked at healing damage now lets look at dealing damage. This is where you come into your own. This is an offensive build and as such you can deal massive damage to single targets or good damage to multiple targets. The thing to remember is that you want a summon or 2 inbetween you and the target. Here is your summons list. Nature’s Furies, small ghost slime type things that can kick out low damage quickly, 5 of them can chew up low level spawn and monsters effectively, Pixies, Weak but in groups of 5 they can get off some decent spell damage and are easy to replenish and can cause a distraction if nothing else. Now, some people don’t know this but using Dryad allure you can “charm” any humanoid creature, Ogrelords, arctic ogrelords, Orc Brutes etc etc. they will follow you around like a pet. They turn blue so you can heal them and they can be super useful! You will need a level 6 focus crystal to get the mega critters listed. Animated wepon, a pretty poor summon really but can be used if you find yourself in a “ ARRRGH MANA” situation. Energy vortex, moderately powerful damage and reasonable hit points, can have 2 out at once which can be handy for controlling groups of monsters. Summoned deamon, air elemental, water elemental and fire/earth elemental. The elementals are less useful to me but the daemon can be handy as it can be healed and had reasonable magical damage. The big daddy of them all is the Rising colossus, this thing takes all 5 summon slots, it hits like a truck and has ranged attacks also. These have the best staying power and will be the most used summon.


That’s a lot to choose from… now factor in this… in addition to those you are a necromancer. You can animate dead stuff to make semi dead stuff that will attack your enemies. These range from flesh golems to skeletal dragons and are based on the fame/karma of the creature you are animating as well as caster skill. You can have around 5 out at any one time and they will attack anything / everything except other players.


The way I do things is as follows, each situation uses different tactics but generally you will be using one of your many summon options and then standing back and blasting with spells. Lets talk about champion spawns to begin.


Despise rats if my favourite spawn, its easy, its profitable and I enjoy it, enough said.


What I do on the first level is pop wraith form, make sure I have a healing stone charged up a couple of potions and get to work. I spam natures furies all over and keep pet count at 5 . I then run around and either wither bomb everything into oblivion or cast nether cyclone on big groups. You can also throw out poison and fire fields and wildfire down for them to run through while they chase you, don’t forget about greater explosion potions either, they can help out a bit in progressing the spawn as can conflag potions, this wave will be over very quickly. For wave 2 I use energy vortices and essence of wind. Once I get low on mana I get a big grop following me and use chain lighting or meteor shower, wearning a vermin slayer talisman or using a repond slayer spellbook usually a single chain lightning or meteor shower is enough to take me back to pretty much full mana. Then I just whither or essence of wind them to death again. Next wave is a little tougher, rat mages can deal out a lot of damage but fear not! Dump out a rising colossus and then begin casting animate dead on the bodies, once they start poofing as another is spawned invis and sit back until the area is clear. Do this again moving around the spawn and Barracoon will be popped before you know it. The serps and rat archers are no match for a rising colossus and if you run in and drop a few earthquakes they will all be dead in quick order. OK now Barracoon can smite your summons just by looking at them! Simply stand back, keep attunment active and Gift of renewal as needed. Pop wraith form if your not still in it and corpse skin him, explore fireball him over and over, once he drops into rat form he is vulnerable to your slayer book/talisman. When he summons rats around you just nether cyclone them all to death in one spell J animate the corpses and just keep going, another thing to keep in mind is that with a level 6 focus you can summon 5 pixies at once, if you keep summoning them and “all kill” on the champ they will get a bunch of spells off before he manages to dispel them all. OK once you get him down to about 20% life its time for the big guns.. cast reaper form, arcane empowerment and then spam word of death, there is nothing more satisfying that dropping 600dmg spells on a champ! As you get low on mana, if he’s not already dead then just pop wraith form, corpse skin explo flamestrike with your slayer book and you can keep that combo going until he is dead.




Navery is pretty easy to solo with this character.. Firstly before you dismount your ethy to cast RC hit the rocks trap… it will pummel the heck out of her! Dismount and drop and RC. Make sure you have a pair of stone shoes, although as long as you are casting continuously you shouldn’t get webbed. Once your RC is chomping on her pop wraith form, cast corpse skin to lower her fire resistance then Curse spell to lower her stats and resistances further, equip a spider slayer book and explode / fireball spam her, adding in wildfire / fire fields can help too. Keep up the RC, Corpse skin and curse and keep casting to avoid being webbed. If you do get webbed equip and unequipped the stone shoes to break the web. Once she is down to around 20% health, arm a high SDI spellbook or scrapper, change to reaper form for extra SDI, cast arcane empowerment for more SDI and drop 900+dmg word of deaths on her until she is dead! Simple!


Learning all the spells in your arsenal is a big bonus. With only a handful of exceptions I use every spell magery/mystic/spell weaving and necromancy. Spend time to learn what each spell dos/doesn’t do and then think how you can use it. Anything that gives you the edge is worth doing J


Happy hunting!

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Very good template been running 2 varriations of it a long time

My 2 cents:

The suit is a pretty simple build and can be done rather cheap: Must haves SDI/LRC mana orb, clock of death (i thinkt he 3 sdi one). Imbued 12 SDI jewels, Protector of battle mage, kelp legs, midnight bracers, pendant of magi, kasa fo rajin, scrappers, set of super slayer spellbooks, Imbued/reforged gloves to cover lmc/lrc and the 1/2 chaos shield replica

I run with low resist, but stay in protection and keep magic reflect up so I dont take melee.


Nice to have: Tangle, Royal gaurd sash, rangers cloak (3 sdi), 4 intel glasses, 15sdi glasses, crystalline, 18 sdi bracelet, 30 sdi invasion book, and superslayers with sdi


My template above is tweaked down to 60 necro (100% evil omen and corspse skin), I also run about 90 SS, I bumped up eval and mystic to 120, but this is template is very workable at the 110 skill level all the way around. My justification for dropping necro was that Essence of wind works just as good as wither and has a larger area.


This is a very good spawning template, with the proper suit you can solo semidar spawn in around 30 mins.


Template 2:


Same suit, Replaced 120 mystic and focus with 110 taming and lore. 60 necro so 60ish points to throw into meditation.

With the fey slayer book, you can do lady mel in under 10 mins.


Both templates are very good money makers and very versitile.


One of the big thing to remember is wraith form leach depends on mana of your boss. So what I do is when mel/semidar/riktor/ect stop giving me mana to flamestrike/hailstorm/whatever I start fireballing or lightening. Those little spells will let them build mana back up and replenish your own to full in no time.

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Nice input. I know suit could be done a lot cheaper but to be fair crafting is one of my biggest undertakings on UO atm :). I failed to mention about the mana leech from wraith form depending on the boss, thats correct indeed. Also benefits to wraith form include being able to run through people in fel without any stamina loss and also if you have regs even with NO skill in magery you can cast 100% recalls. Might tweak the template some as I go along, might be nice to have taming on there also. or perhaps discord :) thanks for the reply.


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Interesting, my wod only do 300 dmg. I don't know it can go that high to 900. I think I need to try this necro for wraith form because I have mana problem on Navrey. I need to stop and med when mana is low.

I have question on SS 90. Is this use for self heal?

is 40 necro and 90 SS enough to replace 120 meditation?

So with wraith form, I don't need MR on suit?


dragkiris, how many wod dmg on 95 SDI?

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When I do WOD I throw on a 30 SDI book and cast arcane empowerment. I hit high 700's I do believe, maybe low 800s, I'd really have to double check


Botak, My mystic does not have any med (120 focus) and my tamer only has 50ish med. And those were leftover skill points. You have to learn to manage your spells (IE. fireball spam for a little for a moment instead of flamestrike), but yes the necro and SS are plenty to take med off completely for this template.

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Dragkiris hit the nail on the head, if you are suffering with mana then have a little play around with spell rotation. There is, however, no harm in using meditation if you have the skill, Active meditation with decent MR and high int / focus will have you back at full mana in no time, and if you have a summon chomping on nav to keep damage up its all good. Just play around with tactics and find something that works for ya!

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