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Veteran player back from 13(ish) year hiatus, need a guild!

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Hail, and well met, Sosarians!



My name is 'Narwhal,' for now, and I am a new member of the forums, but an old player, from the UO:R era.



I am posting this, because I have come to a crossroad in my travels. I have been back for about a week, more or less,

and started on a low-population shard (which, don't get me wrong, is fine!), but in that, I have found the dilemma of

not having a guild to turn to with questions, or assistance if I get lost, or if I am being chased by the Reds. I

have fallen out of sync with the ways of the game's world, and I have absolutely lost my mind trying to re-conqure this

somehow similar, but ultimately different world that I find myself inhabiting.



I am naturally a PvM'r, and I don't mind RP (I play RP-Intense MUDs where you get banned for breaking character, for

Bob's sake!), but don't let that deter you. I would love to learn strategic pvp, and would do my best o assist in either

faction, or guild versus guild.



When I last played, I was a memberof a Catskills guild, known as PGoH. That has been roughly...what, 13 years ago,

give or take. But I'm not -that- rusty.


I am also, being as new as I am back to the game, not very far at all on my current character on Atlantic Shard. This

said, I would be happy to relocate to another Shard!



Give me a buzz, I can be best found on ICQ: 654341823








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PGoH was a fun guild. I loved kil... er... playing with them when I actually played! (only played Catskills from 2007-2012, so you wouldn't know me)


We (the United Pirates) also fought with PGoH on occasion, whenever it suited our purpose. Though most of the really old members (Borg, Ser Brightblade, etc...) had long since departed by the time I started there.


As far as I know their "village" still stands in Trammel (Walk out the west gate of Trinsic and head toward the swamp by the coast, you'll know Olympus by the statue in front of Borg's castle), though I haven't heard from them in about half a year now. They were a truly remarkable guild and group of people.


And now you've got me feeling nostalgic. Bah, I hate nostalgia!

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