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EA/Mythic Laid Off Tim Chappell

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In addition to UO losing its lead designer, we are now losing Tim Chappell. This just after it was announced that Warhammer Online was losing their lead developer.


Hello Everyone.


I am very sorry to say that I was informed that my position was no longer needed. Though I had many titles I was handling for Mythic, I grew to love and appreciate all the communities and only wish I could have had more time or resources to get more involved with them. Though I had only been in the position for a little over a year, I will miss a great many of you and hope

that you keep in touch.



Mythic MMO’s will always have a strong place in my heart. Over the past 5 years I got to work with everyone of them and couldn’t have been happier with my co-workers, customers or communities. I hope that some of you will stay in contact. I will visit the boards on occasion to remember all the fun I had and all those great personalities that make up Mythic’s community




I don’t have any current plans as I am occupied with taking care of family as my father is in the midst of a nightmarish battle with cancer. (If I missed your e-mails over the past couple weeks; this is why and I will get to them soon.) However, I do have a couple mobile projects and art projects in the works that I am very excited to finish. Until then, you may see me in games or on Twitter. Though I have been busy of late, I usually play SWOTOR and L4D, so if you play and see a Dropixel named character in some form, be sure and say hi.



Take care and remember; don’t swim against the tide. It will just leave you tired and frustrated.



-Timothy Chappell


With UO down to half a dozen members or less after losing the lead designer, and Mythic losing somebody like Tim and WAR losing their lead dev (albeit somewhat voluntarily), it's leaving me feeling very uneasy. As far as active development, they are down to two programmers, an artist, and a designer.

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Can we list all the CM's they've let go to hire new or switch over from other games? Far too many.
They won't be switching over from other games since Tim was managing all the EA Mythic MMOs. They might hire somebody new to come in (cheaper rate), but I think they might just push CM duties off to the respective teams, or bring in some GMs to handle part of that.
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MMOs yes, other EA Communities - no. They may make someone multitask other games (facebook, etc.) as well as MMOs
Maybe. Community management has not been a strong point of EA and MMOs in many years, unless you have the words "Star" and "Wars" in your title, which makes this all the more disturbing.


I would make a joke about how, since they keep shrinking the size of the team and the services provided to us, in addition to moving UO to Amazon's servers to save money while increasing our lag, they should charge us less per month since we are getting less, but the joke is on us since EA has been doing this for years.


It's really sad to me on a couple of levels. I very much sympathize with Tim's situation and his father (and my thoughts are with you), and it also tells me they don't care about growing the Mythic MMOs.


Lest we forget, Tim's salary was covered across three different MMOs. It wasn't like they cut the UO CM's job, they cut the Mythic CM's job. That speaks volumes about how they view the MMOs.


The "sunshine pumpers" or "cheerleaders", which ironically I have been accused of being in the past, will once again jump upon me, or bitch about me behind my back, for bringing up the negatives, but the fact is, they have cut the UO team down to as small of a team as they can, short of only having a developer or two around to stay on top of technical problems. They have an artist, a designer, and a couple of programmers, which is enough of a team to keep current players playing, and that's a stretch. The designer and artist will be doing good to stay on top of holiday and vet rewards as well as the upcoming theme pack. That's all they can do.


Ditching the dedicated community management position means they don't foresee a need for strong community relations/management going forward (i.e. new players) and reaching out to third party websites outside of UO fandom.


Any new players will either be people returning, people who stumble across it, or people we recruit.


It's not Mythic's fault either, and it's not anybody associated with UO. This was an EA decision. Given the choice, I'm sure Mythic management would rather be focused on adding team members and growing their MMOs, not watching them being shrunk down to maintenance mode. After all, if the Mythic MMOs go away, Mythic management will have to find new jobs (Ultima Forever can't support them all).

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