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Very high DPS (event templates)

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    Aneirin - UP - VTC

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Sometimes, the best results for a player in a situation requires being able to deal massive amounts of damage in the shortest amount of time. In the distant past, when the first event occurred where the highest x damage dealers received the prize, I came up with a template which was 100% effective in retrieving the prize.

Well, two templates actually. The damage dealer template can not realistically survive without support.

The first template (adjusted for post-SA)
120 Throwing
120 Tactics
120 Anatomy
120 Bushido
100 Taming
100 Animal Lore
60 ninjitsu

The suit required 20 skill points max HCI, max stamina/dex increases, max damage increase, max LMC and max swing speed increase, even at the cost of other potentially good benefits. The point of this character is not to be a tank, but to deal out the highest amount of damage in the shortest amount of time.

The pets are NOT greater dragons. Dragons make good tanks, but are never the highest damage dealers. The best pets for damage are a pack of frenzied ostards or hell hounds (depending on the situation), but given that at the time, the EMs were fond of area effects, the packs died quickly, which is why I always went out with a nightmare/rune beetle combination. The Dread war horse or bane dragons are better damage dealers than the rune beetle, but that would require sacrificing ninjitsu for more taming (or more skill points on jewels), which makes the template weaker in long battles on account of the mana costs for special moves increasing.

The tactic for this character is just attack. The support character supplies all of the strategy.

The support character:
120 Magery
120 Meditation
120 Vet
120 Animal lore
120 Mysticism
120 Focus
(Option, replace mysticism/focus with taming/spellweaving and use a greater dragon as an additional tank, which is what I usually did)

This character needs to stand in some very dangerous places, so he always needs a mage weapon, max DCI and max resists. Extra suit points go to intelligence, mana, mana regeneration, LMC, etc.

The only purpose of this character is to heal the first character and the pets. At worst, this means standing next to the pets and constantly vet/mage heal. To do this, being in stone form helps a lot (it slows down the magic heals, but is still faster than just vet/magery alone, and I never had trouble with it). You could use the rising colossus, but I would suggest against it. At best, the big bad will target someone else’s pet, in which case you can heal that pet to keep attention away from your own damage dealer. It may sound easy, but it requires constant attention to many life bars (including your own, nobody is there to heal you!)

Just to clarify, these two characters are not very good for every day battles. Our guild only took out these characters for events.

When we first came up with these templates, our guild took out a group of (at least) 4 people to each event. 3 were the damage dealer template, and 1 (me) was the healer. After the event, we always had 3 of the prizes (if there were 3), and we either split the proceeds or rotated the recipient of the gift (including members of our guild who were present, but not in on the experimental templates in the split/rotations).

Disclaimer: I’m not saying that this will still be 100% effective, but they would increase your chance of highest X damage dealer a lot.
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