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Thanks to a Great Lakes rare collector I elected to host a special early Pre-Rares Festival Silent Auction this Sunday being hosted on Atlantic in Toad Town with 59 item lots being auctioned off with no reserve and no buyouts.  Please just view the pictures below, read the listings, visit Toad Town and begin bidding.  Remember to visit Alexander's Live Auction starting at 5:00 PM EST, then come next door to participate in the final hour of the Silent Auction.  Thank you for your continued support, and I wish you the best of luck!




Atlantic Silent Auction Information, Times and Rules:

This Sunday I am hosting a special ingame silent auction on the Atlantic shard at Toad Town that ends at 8:00PM EST (20:00 Hours). I am auctioning off 59 items/packages (LOTS) per week. There will be no Buy Outs and No Reserved Prices. I can be reached in game when available on the "Silent Auction" chat channel. Bidders can only contact me here on Stratics, ICQ – 150528775 and http://www.facebook.com/nailswarstein


This month’s auction ends Sunday May 25th, 2014 at 8:00 PM ET / 2AM CET / 1AM GMT / 7PM CT / 6PM MT / 5PM PT / 9AM Tokyo / 10AM Sydney

Please check your time zone for daylight / summer saving time changes. I selected this end date and time so it did not interfere with EM hosted Events, traditional work schedules, and traditional sleeping hours. If you are unable to attend, please ask a friend to be your proxy bidder.  Also please use this website http://www.worldtimebuddy.com/to determine when the auctions end in your time zone.


First Floor


Lot 1 - Olmecian Katana Of Infernos

Lot 2 - Lucky Four Leaf Clover Plant

Lot 3 - I Got A Head Start To Beat Mesanna At Roulette

Lot 4 - A Chain Tunic Of Refined Sky Iron, It Seems To Pulsate And Slither With A Life-Force Of It's Own

Lot 5 - A Light Against The Abyss-Origin Halloween 2011

Lot 6 - Pixiechaun

Lot 7 - Babycakes Toy Oven

Lot 8 - Declaration Of Trinsic Independence

Lot 9 - Head Mount Of A Dire Bear Known As Adrelstaer The Bloody

Lot 10 - Magical Moonglow Mushroom

Lot 11 - An Earthened Jug Filled With Zombie Juice

Lot 12 - Happy Juice

Lot 13 - A Snowy Scene Of A Blackrock Dome

Lot 14 - An Ancestral Ritual Mask Of The Lost Tribe

Lot 15 - A Petal From The Golden Lotus Of Heaven

Lot 16 - Vial Of Slimy Slugs Obtained From The Shadow Dweller's Spawn

Lot 17 - Stinky Pete's [ineffective] Mouthwash

Lot 18 - A Scrap Of Shroud From Blackthorns Tomb

Lot 19 - Rift Pillar

Lot 20 - Painting Of A Boy Called "Addie" Walking Hand In Hand With The Time Lord Into The Ethereal Void

Lot 21 - Essence Of Empowerment

Lot 22 - The Remaining Essence Of Darkness Bottled Up As A Reminder

Lot 23 - Turkey's Blue Feather

Lot 24 - A Piece Of The Cloth From The Old EM's Robe

Lot 25 - Scrap Of Memory Torn From The Mind Of Charlotte Amandine Showing The Murder Of Her Family


Second Floor


Lot 26 - Scaffold

Lot 27 - Cards

Lot 28 - Armageddon's Flame - Awaiting The Return Of The Zog

Lot 29 - Ooze From The Trinsic Graves

Lot 30 - Mutant Hamhocks - Not Recommended For Human Consumption

Lot 31 - Tarot

Lot 32 - Cards

Lot 33 - We, The Forgotten

Lot 34 - The Golden Fleece

Lot 35 - Bandit's Beef Jerky

Lot 36 - Spider Tree

Lot 37 - A Blossoming Oath Flower

Lot 38 - Thank You Napa, Love Mesanna

Lot 39 - Thank You Napa, Love Mesanna

Lot 40 - A Firecracker Rose

Lot 41 - Owain Surreys Dreamcatcher - A Memory Of The Soothsayer's Demise (Multi-Color Knitting)

Lot 42 - The Hissing Cat Of House Mizra

Lot 43 - Merrsa Of The Legend's Gold

Lot 44 - A Vicious Cuddly Drop Bear In Celebration Of Australia Day

Lot 45 - Pirate Eye Patch

Lot 46 - Algenon's Invisible Ink And Quill

Lot 47 - A Demonic Zombie Skull

Lot 48 - L-Ag Cure

Lot 49 - Agnon The Scapegoat - Pacific 2011

Lot 50 - Crude Corroded Manacles


Third Floor


Lot 51 - Magical Horn

Lot 52 - A Piece Of Jack Passer's Cell

Lot 53 - Helm Of Righteous Anger

Lot 54 - The Sense Of Wonder

Lot 55 - Facial Hair Growth And Sculpting Cream

Lot 56 - Friendship Medallion - Trust Worth Unity

Lot 57 - A Certificate Granting You The Title Of Crash Test Guinea Pig

Lot 58 - Golden Brew Tavern's Holiday Cookbook (Baja 2010)

Lot 59 - A Chunk of Rock For The Not So Nice - Sonoma 2010


Auction Information and Rules For New Bidders:


All bidding will be done via Bulletin Board. All bidders and proxy bidders must include their prominent name (not unknown alias) and provide contact information (ICQ, AIM, Yahoo, or Stratics Name) in addition to their bid amount. Bids must be made in 1 Million Gold or higher increments. There will be a 10 minute cool down period starting with the last bid placed on items between 6:50PM – 7PM EST. Players can choose to continue bidding past 7PM EST only on items that received bids during the last 10 minutes period, and can continue bidding for another 10 minutes until no more bids have been received for a full 10 minutes. Anyone can bid in this cool down period, even players who have not previous bids. Please note any bids not adhering to the auction rules will be subject to deletion at the Auctioneers discretion.


Receiving Your Winnings:


Gold will be acceptable on Atlantic only. Players will have 3 days (72 hours) to pay for their items, or be placed on notice as a non-paying bidder in the rares community. I will broker the sale of all the items presented in the silent auction houses. In order to receive your winnings, you must contact me via ICQ, Stratics, or Facebook. My colorful army of Orienteering Robed vendors will accept your gold. After you have bought off these vendors, I will deliver onto you, your winning item(s). I might be able to personally provide limited gold swapping for a few select shards if you notify me in advance. Please contact me for additional optional payment methods.


My Reliable Hours of Availability:

10 AM - 2 PM EST

5 PM - 8 PM EST

11 PM - 2 AM EST


Bidders + Sellers can only contact me here on Stratics, ICQ – 150528775 and http://www.facebook.com/nailswarstein

:) Please Note I Am Just The Auctioneer, Not The Owner Of Displayed Rares, I Reserve The Right To Bid :)




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