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Shroud of the Avatar (SotA) links

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Shroud of the Avatar Main Web Site:


Kickstarter Project for SotA (news and pledges here):

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Portalarium UStream:


Facebook SotA Page:

Stratics SotA Site:


UltimaCodex SotA Site:


PaxLair Discussions about SotA:




ULTIMA 7 LINKS (SotA is based a bit on the U7 program and experience for offline interaction and content)

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The governor has added a U7 link to Exult to the list.


After the recent announcement, I was just drawn to playing U7 again, one of my favourite games though I haven't played it for years. Anyway it is on GoG! (look here!) for $5.99 with aalllll the expansions (that I never had).


What is Exult?


Exult is a sort of emulator or wrapper or something to the U7 game. It adds features and ensures it runs properly on a modern computers. It doesn't change the original game and you still need to own a copy of U7 to make use of it.


Why Exult?


Though it runs ok, the stock version of U7 suffers from many issues. It's TOO fast for a start (because of new computers, enemies will see and kill you right away), plus the interface is outdated by our standards!


Exult adds numerous improvements I have discovered. Many very UO-like (like simply a right click to close paper doll/containers). It adds hot keys to do things (hit c for war mode, b for spellbook, etc). There are emulator style graphics filters to make the pixel art more presentable, and there is even an audio pack that improves the the quality of the sound effects and music. There is a frame limiter to make sure things aren't too fast too!


Here is an example of Exult running on a modern (mine) system.


I highly recommend playing U7. I will admit to never playing any other Ultima game, but I played this years ago and it still counts as one of the best games I have ever played. Wonderful storytelling and plot, wonderful game mechanics. Exult updates them nicely. UO players will see much of UO in U7.

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