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Lord British invites you to Shroud of the Avatar!

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Greetings friends!

I would like to extend a personal invitation to each of you, as well as your guilds, city states and citizens to join us in forging a new world! Just as Pax Lair has lived on from founding to the present day, I invite you all to join me in crafting the new world, and building new cities in your honor for you to grow and manage in the new world. come join us either on our kickstarter campaign, or our community site shroudoftheavatar dot com and help us create the features and content that will serve you and your citizens well. I thank you for the years of support you have given my creation thus far, and hope you will join me in growing the new world as well!

- Richard "Lord British" Garriott

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Lord British, we thank you for your kind invitation. We of PaxLair are committed to take on this journey and help forge a new world. We hope our experiences and our ideas will help the world be a great place for villages, towns, and cities.



Winfield, Governor of PaxLair

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