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A few idea's - Low population perks and commission based vendors!

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Well, first of all I know some servers have a VERY low population. I do not think that merging server's is the answer since so many people would lose their houses. I know I would not be happy to lose the Castle I just "placed" on the very empty community on Origin.

I think people need a reason to play on low population servers! You need to offer them special things they can only get on those servers and they can't get on a higher population server such as Atlantic. Maybe faster skill gains or more gold drops from monsters or more fame/karma per kill or something that is not game breaking obviously, but still worthwhile.

I have another issue that really annoys me and seems pointless is the ridiculous cost of vendors per day when you have higher end items on them. I put some power scrolls on my new vendor and he wanted over 1 million gold per day and GUESS WHAT? The only way to pay him STILL is by putting gold on his head! I don't want 50 vendors just for some scrolls so I can actually carry enough gold for each vendor! At the very least let us pay them with checks!

I have a fabulous idea about vendors also! How about they start working on commission! We don't pay them a darn thing until they sell something and they take a percentage of that! I don't want to pay 1 million + per day on a SLOW server like origin where it could be a week to sell one item ... so I pay 10 million to sell something for 5 million? What sense does that make?



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Commission based vendors is actually a good idea! On the other hand, vendors are one of the few working gold sinks in the game, so it's doubtful they'll change that. But for the sake of more and fuller vendors, I fully support that idea.

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There's too many vendors selling crap, or haven't been stocked in eons, maybe they need to jack the price up so more people would hawk things at the bank like the old days. Being a real merchant of arms and armor, taking gambles on spotting and buying a deal on something, then reselling for a bit more later in the evening, getting to know your fellow Britannians at the market or bank, these are the sort of real social elements that the game has lost. I sold fish steaks because it was all I could get/sell at the bank for months. It sounds miserable, but it's among my fondest UO memories and I made great friends.


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