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Sage Auction Series XX @ The Atlantic Silent Auction House Ends Saturday 7PM EST

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Nails Warstein

Nails Warstein

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Greetings and welcome friends to my weekly Silent Auction held on the Atlantic Shard. My name is Nails Warstein, I will be your host. This week I am honored to present to you in proud tradition the 22rd installment of the Sage Auction Series. Our resident Sage Lord Nabin, High Council Sage for the Ancient Conclave of Wisdom, has chosen me to continue his auction series at my silent auction house south of Zento Bank. Teleporters to the auction can be found at Nabin's auction house in Luna and Nails Warsteins vendor house in Luna. Please read the auction rules as they are different from the Sage Auction Series.

Atlantic Silent Auction Information and Rules:

At 7PM EST (19:00 Hours) on every Saturday this month, I will host a silent auction on the Atlantic shard at Zento house. I will only be auctioning off 24 items/packages (LOTS) per week. There will be no Buy Outs or Reserved Prices. I can be reached in game when available on the "Silent Auction" chat channel. Bidders can only contact me here on Stratics, ICQ – 150528775 and http://www.facebook.com/nailswarstein

This month’s auction ends Saturday March 23rd, 2013 at 7PM ET / 1AM CET / Midnight GMT / 6PM CT / 5PM MT / 4PM PT / 9AM JST / 11AM AEDT

I selected this end date and time so it did not interfere with EM hosted Events, traditional work schedules, and traditional sleeping hours. If you are unable to attend, please ask a friend to be your proxy bidder.

In order to bid you must have paid for an picked up all of your purchases from The previous Sage Auctions in the series.

**TheMan2010/Lucky Luciano/King Siegfried or any verifiable form they show up in are banned from participating in these auction series til Jan 2014 due to inappropriate treatment of people in the community **

The following is a list of bidders who failed to pay for and pick up their items from previous auctions. They may not bid on items in these series till Jan 2014 or have paid a 100 million in gold entrance fee to re enter the bidding process in the auction series. (fancy way of saying its a fine and you can get back into the game by paying it.)

Bluefly, MiniPker, Mr. Plod, Tarter, Mezzac, Mewan

Instructions for bidders are as follows:

All bidding will be done via Bulletin Board. All bidders and proxy bidders must include their prominent name (not unknown alias) and contact information (ICQ, AIM, Yahoo, or Stratics Name) in addition to their bid. There will be a 10 minute cool down period starting with the last bid placed on items between 6:50PM – 7PM EST. Players can choose to continue bidding past 7PM EST only on items that received bids during the last 10 minutes period, and can continue bidding for another 10 minutes until no more bids have been received for a full 10 minutes.

Receiving Your Winnings:

Gold will be acceptable on Atlantic only. Players will have 72 hours to pay for their items, or be banned from further participation. I will broker the sale of all the items presented in the silent auction. I might be able to personally provide limited gold swapping for a few select shards. Please contact me for additional optional payment methods.

First Floor
Lot 1 – Season 10 Origin Event Item - Handcrafted Holiday Doll
Lot 2 – Season 5 Napa Valley Event Item - A Dragon Egg
Lot 3 – Season 10 Great Lakes Event Item - Juka Black Duel Sword Wrapped In Finest Silk
Lot 4 – 1999 Clean Up Britannia - Singing Ball
Lot 5 – Season 10 Awakening Event Arc - Juka Tapestery, Vase & Urn
Lot 6 – Season 10 Awakening Event Arc - Meer Tapestery, Vase & Mislabeled Urn

Second Floor
Lot 7 – 2012 Contest & Gfit - 15th Annivesary Commemorative Robe
Lot 8 – 15th Year Veteran Reward - Garden Shed Deed
Lot 9 – Oddity - Glacial Spellbook
Lot 10 – Server Birth - Cards
Lot 11 – Server Birth - Playing Cards
Lot 12 – Server Birth - Playing Cards

Third Floor
Lot 13 – Season 10 Mesanna's World Tour - I Beat Mesanna Playing Let's Make A Deal On Sonoma 2012
Lot 14 – Season 10 Mesanna's World Tour - I Won Playing Mesanna's Let's Make A Deal On Origin 2012
Lot 15 – Season 10 Mesanna's World Tour - I Wow Playing Mesanna's Playing Let's Make A Deal On Lake Austin
Lot 16 – 2008 Christmas Reward - Neon Gift Box
Lot 17 – 2008 Christmas Reward - Neon Gift Box
Lot 18 – 2008 Christmas Reward - Neon Gift Box

Fourth Floor
Lot 19 – Season 9 Great Lakes Event Item - Britannian Royal Spy - King Listener (Cloak)
Lot 20 – Season 9 Great Lakes Event Item - Britannian Royal Spy - Pigeon Watcher (Boots)
Lot 21 – Season 10 Great Lakes Event Item - Britannian Royal Spy - King Listener (Gloves)
Lot 22 – Season 8 Great Lakes Event Item - Royal Spy Utility Knife
Lot 23 – Season 8 Lake Superior Event Item - A Shield With The Royal Guard Crest
Lot 24 – Season 9 Pacific Event Item - Omo's Final Royal Investigator Chronicle (open book)
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Edited by Nails Warstein, 19 March 2013 - 03:27 AM.