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need advice new player thinking of these 2 templates warrior and tamer PVM's mainly

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100 Swords
100 Tactics
100 parry
100 Anatomy
100 Healing
70 Chivalry
100 Hiding
50 bushuto

thinking of 60 parry 90 bush

and for my tamer

100 Animal Taming
100 Animal Lore
80 bush
100 Archery
90 Vet
90 Anatomy
90 Tactics
70 Chivalry

not really sure how to put th

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    Aneirin - UP - VTC

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I will assume 700 skill points:
Your warrior:
Swords, tactics, parry, healing, anatomy, bushido, chivalry: all to 100.
Hiding does nothing for you. 50 bushido does less than nothing for you (50 bushido gives you no useful addition and costs you parry chance both with and without a shield)
Your tamer:
Taming, lore, vet, archery, tactics, chivalry, anatomy: all to 100
In this case, bushido only gives you a small benifit, and at the cost of much needed skill points somewhere else.
Your stats (still using the KISS principle): 100 str, 100 dex, 25 int in both cases.

Your weapon (ask someone to make it for you): fast weapons with swing speed increase, mana leech and stamina leech.

When you get gold (or charity), get a skill scroll so you can raise swords, taming and lore higher than 100. Also get scrolls that enable your stats to go higher than 225.

When you get used to playing, ask again for more detailed advice, like how to fine tune your template, how to create your armor/weapons set, where to hunt, what to hunt, how to survive tougher battles, etc...
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ok tyvm i like your advice I will temp that way

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