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What do you think about moving the other games forums to EOGamer  

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  1. 1. What do you think about moving the other games forums to EOGamer

    • This sounds like a great idea, I support it
    • I support the idea, but I have reservations, which I'll post below
    • I don't know/don't care
    • No, they must remain on UOForums

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We are considering resurrection of the EOGamer forums and working more on strengthening the network as a whole, which in turn will benefit UOForums, as it will remain our primary community. Though this will mean that we would move the gaming forums of UOForums to the EOGamer forums. There will be a unified login, so anyone with a login to either site, would be able to login both places with the same login. EOGamers UO Section would link to UOForums, while UOForums other games section would link to the EOGamer forum.


This would allow UOForums to concentrate on Ultima Online.


Off topic section would remain on UOForums. Though there would be similar off topic discussions on EOGamer forums. We do not know if Area 51 would be moved off or remain.


Both forums will run on IP Boards.


Let us know your opinions.

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