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Should Food play an inportant role in UO?

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I started playing UO in 2005, so I do not exactly know what went on before.

However I hear that food used to be important in playing the game.

Nowadays, apart from the “magical food”, having a meal is just part of “role playing”.

You can go up to the “Player Cook” and compliment about the cuisine it offered or complain about it being overcooked or being too salty.

There is a saying that “You cannot fight with an empty stomach”, and I think this should apply also in UO.

I would not go as far as promoting a system where your character dies of starvation if it is left without food for a certain period of time, but some kind of penalty such as stamina drain would make the game more fun.

Then we can go more details in the properties of food, such as high quality food replenishing more stamina than normal quality food. There could be also new foods which can keep the player functioning for a longer time period. Items which can produce food will also be cherished.

With food as an important “expendable supply” back in demand, cooking will become an important skill.

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Back in the day, food did play an important part in UO. If you fizzled too much while spell casting, you'd often get admonished, "Have you eaten?" Even to this day, if you find yourself fizzling with spellcasting too much you will often find someone suggesting you go eat. What is more, who is to say their advice is wrong. The UO code has passed through so many different dev teams and dev team members, who is to say eating still does not play a forgotten role in what goes on in our game. I personally supersticiously eat. It is so easy with LRC suits and create food and my chefs need someone to cook for while they are training. Having said that, I'd like to see cooking improved to where it is much more mainstream rather than just high end perks. After all, keeping yourself fed is the single most driving factor in every different society.

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I've played since 1998 and I've never experienced being fed actually had any effect on anything at all. I was always hungry, but could cast spells and use abilities just fine.


It would be too bothersome today, unless they made it some automated thing, where you could "load food" onto your char, which it would it 3 times a day (X amount of food value, where all kinds of food has different values) to keep small bonusses up. Would give some value to creating food again.

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Food is not what it used to be, that's for sure. I also remember (old days) that you had to keep your guys fed to gain better skills. Cooking skill has really 'boiled' down to making non-food things. Like Savage Kin Paint... or whatever. Then, like Chocolate stuff was added... and it was extremly dispaointing. Just "half-(something)" done, if you ask me. Many things are just for decor or the High Seas stuff, special fish (if you ever see them) can be cooked into special pies.


I think the most stupid thing is how you cant just lock a pile of beef or fish-steaks down and let everyone share them. Not to mention when you have 30-million units just sitting in a box someplace. With the security settings... I figured, when that was new, that was the perfect reason to have a setting. So rare food items couldnt be used and common could.


On the income side of things, back to the Savage Kin Paint, no lie... I couldn't even tell you how many millions of gold came from just that. It paid for 2 houses and then some. Not selling like it used to be, but it still sells now and then. =)

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enhanced apples was actually quite awesome, at least in RP-pvp. As it removed any curses people had put on you (which was really effective against necromancers), The Grapes of Wrath gave a DI of 10 % as well?


Food overall currently heals a bit of HP if I'm not wrong?


What I think they should do if they go ahead with the changes in Pub 81 where there'll be a lot of stamina loss when you get hit is to reduce the stamina loss precentage on people who have eaten.

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Back in the day, the usefulness of food was just a rumor.


From what I understand (based on personal experimentation and contacts with the then-programmers and the fact that I played WAY too much), the effects of eating were just a happy coincidence based on a quirky random number generator and not a hard coded thing.


As for making hunger a penalty, it wouldn't add anything to the game play of UO. It would just make for more things to click on in order to do the same things which were done before. So I wouldn't count on food becoming anything other than a novelty item (unless it's enchanted food).


One of my guild mates did have a pile of fish steaks locked down on his front porch which anyone could eat. I never bothered to ask how that was accomplished, but he did do it. It led to a bunch of jokes about why would we be eating a pile of 60,000 fish which have been sitting in the hot Trinsic sun for months. But that conversation always ended with, "We're pirates, we eat anything."

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No, thank you. I'm all for the magical food items, but heavens don't make me have to eat food regularly to proc my specials or cast a spell.


I really hated that in the old-school dungeon crawler's (Bard's Tale, etc etc). Next, they'll be putting in water fountains and porta-johns to account for other needs. Where does it end?



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Over 8years before, Japanese official Forum get this idea.

Just only RP side, Eating and Food.... It should be Tasty.... is VERY IMPORTANT. Several times I post feed back to EAJ add "Taste" parameter to some foods.


If you have a time, visit MIzuho Shard T-Britain "Cat's Lair". It is one of result....


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