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Easy repair for stacked containers and accidentally retrieving one.

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Ok. So I posted an article about the new “retrieving” system and how you can accidentally, and very easily, pick up things that you don’t want picked up. Pick up and place in your backpack, thus unlocking them from your house. Here’s an easy fix for container stacks, if it helps.

This also works for placing a stack of containers in the first place.

* Also, please note, a container, unlike a single item, is most likely going to be FULL and possibly very heavy depending on what you use it for, SO... you could easily get a message saying that item is in conflict with your available backpack space OR weight restrictions. I’m not testing this out personally. I have enough game headaches. :cool hehe.

The most difficult type of container to place has to be those that take up 2 spaces rather then one, like those Asian style crafted chests. The same type, once, was a reward to trade in, awhile back. Horrible things, these 2 space containers... but not impossible to use if you want them. Most people prefer paragon chests or the metal shipwreck chests. They can be fussy too. Sometimes, the elf style box can be a pain and you’ll have to get a little creative. Personally, I like baskets. The smallest square ones; original picnic ant spawn, the Valentine’s Day red velvet one, or the newer crafted colors... or the same ones we got the stuffed bears. Small, easy, they hold just as much as the biggest container (logic goes out the window, but whatever). Also, I like the gold metal security boxes... however they are growing rare as they used to only spawn from IDOCs. Smaller = Easy. Bigger = Challenge. That simple.

In any case, a stack is a stack and it's a pain in the backside to replace one if it comes loose with this new system.

You may know that to place more fussy items, you can use a simple wooden box and an axe. Load the item in the box, put the box where you wish, crack it open, the item sits were you want it with out pulling your hair out. What else works? Small leather pouches you can buy from NPC provisioners. Yes, an unlike the larger backpacks, they will break with an axe. You will still need a little tweaking.

Example, say you have a stack of 5 paragon chests and you just dislodged the bottom most one.

1, With a decorating tool, you may need to move the 2nd chest up 2 or 3 times, depending on your situation.

2, Next, place the pouch under the stack of chests and secure.

3, Place the loose container inside the pouch.

4, Unlock (but not with retrieve) the pouch with the container inside.

5, Break the pouch with the axe.

6, Secure the newly appearing old container and make sure it's safe. (Security too.)

7, Use the decorating tool to adjust the other container back to it's original placement.

It's that easy.

And ALWAYS, I can never stress this enough, always test the secure/locked item by trying to pick it up again. Many people, I think you would be hard pressed to find a vet that didn’t make that mistake at least once, who didn’t loose something that they thought was locked down when it wasn’t. So, careful aim and happy decorating!
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