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Episode 33 - Whatever You Do, Don't Drop Anything

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Episode 33 – Whatever You Do, Don’t Drop Anything


There is a lesson that everyone can learn every day. People don’t always learn those lessons. Many go mad rather than learn. Others shout their lessons from the tops of the tallest buildings, or the top floor of banks in some cases…





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And oh so very true. At least your character is played through and through. An expensive lesson learned, but hopefully learned nonetheless.


And if you're doing trades that involves things too heavy to trade, don't talk in public about issues, use messenger/ICQ/Skype/whatever.

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The guys who lost stuff flipped out claiming they lost ten times as much and people on Chesapeake offered to replace anything lost. Nice people are out there but the lying marks are almost always eager to exaggerate any losses at the expense of good Samaritans.


Kind of makes you wonder who the real thief is here...

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Scammers engage in very different activities and operate by a very different set of ethics and rules. I abide by a code as I learned it and contributed to it many years ago.


Of course, there are those who disagree with the thieves code, ethics, play style and even their existence. Those that hate thieves engage in far less fair or ethical behavior in terms of Sosaria. They lobby for the destruction of the oldest and most humor oriented of classes and play styles with no real ability to be countered. Always remember. They took more from the thief than the thief can possibly take from them. The thief has the highest of moral high grounds when taking whatever he wants from such villains. The thief was OWED what he stole and he is merely trying to put the world to right.

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