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Overcoming annoying “You can't raise that higher” errors.

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Another house decorating tip.

It's not common, but some things... more so, items that are newer, that somehow didn’t get tested before reaching our hands... or even older thing that never quite fit the build. You will see an error when trying to raise or lower some items, forbidding the movement you wish.

I will say, with lowering some things... like last Christmas’s plaque sing, they always seam TOO high. How to get it lower? You may have to lock the sign 1 space South-East of the place you wish it to appear.

Often times, this trick is used to help fill out count-tops... or table-tops when you wish to decorate a pub or laboratory. It's a “give away” when you walk near them and then see the extra items floating in mid-air. Otherwise, they look good.

One newer pain in the neck for raising is the wall style gargoyle mirror. Never at “eye level”. One older item, the 3 candelabra also has an extremely shallow max height. With all the countless issues in game, we can never expect these many items to be more decorating friendly. However, there is a trick in raising items beyond their “so called limit”. It's easy, too!

I prefer to use pouches, from a NPC provisioner. Much will still work with wooden boxes or crates. Metal containers, bags, or backpacks will NOT work. Predictably, you’ll also need an axe or hatchet.

Simply stack the containers as high as you dare. Place the item in question in the top most container. Strike with the axe or hatchet. BANG, the item is standing way above it's normal limit. Remove the other containers, do not destroy .All you have to do is lock it down and lower it to where you want it. You can always lower the item, but you can NOT raise it locked down. Just re-do the stack trick.

I always decorate as realistic as I can, mostly including lighting even though all my guys have 24-hour sight. Never hurts. Plus, like with the mirror... it becomes more realistic if it's at head-level. Or you want an old clock just where you want it. This simple trick also works for some of the more difficult to place items, just nothing deeded... clearly.

Have fun!

(Post 100!) :cool

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