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The Journal Of Harin Al-Guarez (Atlantic)

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The famed treasure Hunter Dolberain Al-Kamia - legendary archer, tamer of beasts and minstrel of great renown - was known for many things. In his early years, long before he kept dragons as pets and uncovered vast troves of ancient artifacts, he cut his teeth as an amateur archaeologist. During his travels he would comb collapsed buildings for their treasures, taverns for local legends (and ales), and caves, abandoned fortresses, tombs and other such likely places for their secrets. On one such excursion he found a plain tomb, the walls lined with ancient dusty tomes, the well crafted wooden box which held the sole resident decorated simply with the symbols of the Eight Virtues. This tomb was the tomb of a Great Swordsman and Scholar - Harin Al-Guarez.

Below are the contents of that collection of papers, which were in fact the Journals of Al-Guarez kept from the time of his arrival in Britannia until his death.

The Journal of Harin Al-Guarez, Volume 1.

Day 1:

I find myself master-less and alone in this world. I have wandered the lands for some months or years - I can no longer tell the difference - aimless, confused and abandoned by fate. I have decided to begin keeping this journal, in the hope of finding some meaning in meaninglessness.

Day 2:

I have stumbled through one of the many moongates scattered across these lands into the small town known as New Haven. Perhaps the name is a sign of new beginnings, of a new life. We shall See.

Day 3:

I sat aimless in the town square, when from the heavens emerged a great power made flesh. At his whim magical creatures the like of which I've not seen flung themselves to the ground at his feet. He has offered me his patronage. I am Ronin no more.

Day 4:

My master has bid me develop my skills by aiding the people of this fair town. Apparently some time ago a man known only as the "Black Knight" appeared with a horde of Undead, driving them from their previous homes. I am to thin their numbers while honing my skills. I have not held a blade in long years, though the weapon my liege has granted me sits well in my hand.

Day 5:

These Undead seems endless. I slay thirty only to have a full score appear for each I have lain to rest. Perhaps they rise again after I leave for my recuperation. This was no simple task my master has lain upon my shoulders.

Day 6:
Ah, but I have grown strong these past days. My body feels tougher, more powerful. I wield this blase as I once did when last I had a true master. Perhaps even more compelling I have begun to rediscover the arts of Bushido which I had believed lost to me. I am overcome with joy. I wonder at this place that I have made such rapid progress. My new master shall have a servant worthy of him.

Day 7:

I have been given a new task. Apparently my progress has not gone un-noticed. My liege has bid me defend a camp of miners to the south of New Haven. Ettins have been threatening their work, and several have perished.

Day 8:

The Ettins were easy prey. The master was pleased and has granted me a boon of armor and weaponry. The armor I wear with pride, a symbol of my liege. The weapon is a blade of most terrible beauty. I fear to wield it against beasts not worthy to stain it's pristine being. I shall save it's use for more perfect foes. For now I wield a great Two handed sword, which the people of New Haven have taken to calling The Dragon's Tail. A gift to me from one of my Master's captains. We've sparred frequently during my time in New Haven and as a token of friendship he passed the blade into my care. I shall wield it in his honor.

Day 9:

I have been granted a few days of rest. I go to Britain and perhaps to the fabled Luna. I wish to see the holiday spirits which are said to gather near the bank in these places.

Day 10:

Britain is a beautiful place, though the garishness of the holiday which they call "Frostfel" is, I confess, appalling. Tomorrow I go to the castle to seek an audience with Lord British. His wisdom is legend.

Day 11:

Lord British was not to be found. Even stranger was the massive spider web covering the gateway to the castle which itself was overrun with thieves and petty nobles. I observed a tower like structure in the courtyard of the keep. Upon it's sides were constantly protruding and retracting spikes. It looked to be a machine of Death. I hope I am wrong, but I fear something strange and evil is happening in the keep of Lord British.

Day 12:
I have spent some time today in contemplation. My master had no need of my services, and left to my own devices I have sought to organize my mind. Through this I have learned to harness my returning powers more effectively. My time as a Ronin cost me much. I had lost all knowledge of Perfection. Today I have begun it's rediscovery. I look back upon my words from earlier entries. I spoke so hastily of the Undead, with disdain for the Ettin-folk whom fell by my hand. I see now that my callousness blinds me to my own failings. I shall commence at once to honor my enemies, and to pay homage to their sacrifice upon my blade.

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