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Has anyone checked out Wizardry Online from Sony Online Entertainment?

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I got a Beta key from twitter and I have played through he training mission...


It is based on the old RPG Wizardry and from what I hear that was a very difficult game...


Just wondered if anyone else has tried it out?


check out the website here


I have written a review on my first impressions the game... check it out

My Wizardry Online Review part one

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I loved the original Wizardry series. Sir Tech, along with Origin, Sierra and Intrplay produced some great RPGs. In a lot of ways, the Wizardry series was much deeper, and far more difficult, than the Ultima series. Unfortunately, the difficulty didn't do much for the popularity, and iirc, Sir Tech made the decision to go PC only very early on, alienating a very large group of gamers playing on other, superior (at the time) systems.


My biggest fear is that SOE is going to do with Wizardry what they've done with all of the titles they've taken F2P - cripple it to the point where you will HAVE to spend $$ to get full entertainment value out of it.


That, and I seriously despise any enterprise that decides that its best means of communication is Twitter...

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