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Home Tours on UOHomeDecor

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Hey folks,

I'm looking to start doing a regular feature on UOHomeDecor showing off player designed/decorated homes. To find out more information about how to participate, please check out the "Want to be on home tours?" page.

I will be doing a feature starting tomorrow where I'll be featuring a house I came across this week while wandering through Europa to buy items for a house I've been decorating there.

Look forward to hearing from you soon!



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It's very temping... but maybe I could just add a little?

One thing, a piece of advice I’d love to share with aspiring master home designers is to always document your work. The custom house design system is my very favorite aspect of the game we have today. I have been known to happily design and build houses for friends and then my heart gets broken when that friend destroys my work. Sometimes, these houses in question are some of the most beautiful I’ve ever done. We learn as we go! The more experience, the better. The more creative the design, the more tricks you incorporate.

My very favorite design was called something like “The Skara Brea Abbey of Candy”, location... go figure, north of Skara Brea on the main land. That big housing area that has a lot of pest spawn, but the house was right next to the water. If you travel on Atlantic, in Tram, you will now find a classic keep were this 18x18 used to be. For whatever reason, I never got proper pictures done of my work before it was pulled down. I’m still kicking myself. You had the main structure built over catacomb that was hidden in plane sight. That area was private and almost a giant secure area visitors couldn’t even see in.

My style is about realism (to a limit), unless there is no other way. When you come to one of my houses, there is a clear absence of teleporters... for example. I side on stairs and ladders for the most part. Any teleporters are hidden from view. My designs also have clear functionality over their unique design. This theme clearly was an Abbey... so, I used every opportunity to make it look like monks lived in the dwelling. There are always private areas the public can not access and ideally can't even see. I also build in surprises. Surprises that are more for anyone with access to the house. Secrets that can be hidden in plane sight. All of this before locking down the first decoration! I only have 1 picture of my abbey. This is only a very basic idea. What you will notice right away is a very lavish garden. This design also had more secrets built in then any 3 others of my designs.

Posted Image

Easily, when I look at houses, if I were to judge... I always look at the difficulty level first. “Can I do that?” And hope for a no. hehe. Like a good movie, how long does it take to really explore the design? I do remove points where teleporters could be replaced with something else. Clearly, in old school building, a very tight secret passageway can not be designed in our larger brush strokes, so I consider a teleporter almost like a hidden staircase. Another consideration is functionality in it's fictional form. My abbey design could have been used as a meeting hall or hosted wedding. Clearly, it had no ability to be a mall or rune library. The location was just so remote that I’m sure not many people even saw this design. Otherwise, in consideration, is overall décor style. Does the furniture fit the design? Does the color match?

Also in overall design, mostly in talking about larger houses, there is a great debate in little cuts and tucks that remove the feeling of “a BIG Box”. Cutting a wall back to have a proper garden area, for example. If gravity existed in our design system, would this house be supported or collapse from poor engineering? That’s another realistic consideration! Don’t just do the very least you can because the builder forces you to. Realism is making a house look real, simply enough. Boxes are ugly! Not to mention iron beams didn’t exist in medieval construction.

Also, flooring... does it fit the design? I think the biggest weak-link in the construction system is the floors, thanks to the designers. Lines show up far too easily, show through rugs and so on. It's like either you live with the unwanted lines or use a more traditional floor.

Lastly, one of the funniest things I’ve seen in this “evolution” is how some demands come after creative designs. Almost, “Did they see people needed grave stones before we had gravestones to use in décor?” My little “First Church of Candy” in my town on Atlantic is a prime example. It's a storage house & meeting hall... open for weddings, back when that was more popular. It had a little garden area before we had gravestones and when those came... I had a little graveyard right away. We had small bells long ago. I used those bells in the bellfree. I’ve asked for bigger ones a few times! BUT, what I didn’t ask for and we got... was bat statues. So, yeah, we don’t have larger bells... but bats in the bellfree. Not to mention the name was with this pixie house long before we had candy in the game. Now, it's full of all manner of candy, cake, and pie.

So, put in days... even weeks of work? Document!
Posted Image
The Red & Purple Pixies of the Yew Wood [Town] - established 2001



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I wish I was better at designing houses. You and Kayhynn are definately the best I have seen. I remember years ago on stratics when roofing came out I had her come do a roof on my house long before we began working together.