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House Privacy and Public Access Solutions.

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One thing I totally love about the modern game design is the aspect that allows us to create our own custom house designs. What I find most frustrating is when I spot a house someone clearly put a lot of time and effort to build and yet the house is private or the doors are locked so you can't get a look around. Why not show off your hard work? If you house is in a nice safe area... I mean... come on! hehe. Share with us.

The house system has changed a few times, since I started playing. How you kept your privacy was by locking doors and keeping a key on you at all times. You could make copies of this key, give them to your crew, give them to friends. Not everyone allowed in the house had to have access to that door. They changed it to set security to doors, just like you would a secure container. Anyone who has a far more traveled house will agree... this newer way doesn’t always work. Frankly, I would love to see the keyed door system back! It was a lot easier in some cases.

It's like how they keep talking about making friends and co-owner status “account wide”, rather then having to keep 7 characters listed as friends or owners. That fills the list so quickly. If you have a few different accounts only you use? Allowing real friends limited access is near impossible under the current ways.

Still, for the lesser skilled player... before you lock up your house, check out the rest of this article. You may find it helpful and thus you’ll be able to share your work or have a more friendly home... or even a more accessible “establishment”.

The Problem: Being worried about stealthers sneaking around?

The Solution: Even normal visitors and the most skilled stealthers will trip off any kind of “noise maker”. Thus we have monster statues, some loot can be turned off and on that will make noise, and wind chimes. I prefer wind chimes as there is both a natural and sharpness sound to them. No one can possibly make this noise just off to the side and throw your attention off. Place said item just near the main entrance and away from the front step so not every passer by activates it.

*Please note, if you are doing some heavy business in a house and you want to insure you are alone? Lock all the doors, use the “detect hidden” skill, there is still no need to make the house private. As long as you own or are friended to the house, sneak-thieves will be exposed with zero DH skill. Insure you are safe before doing anything, but it's safer and better to carry any items to a vendor to be sold.

The Problem: Needing true private areas that only you can be in.

The Solution: This depends on your level of security. I prefer a more natural look to my house designs. I limit teleporters where I can. We have ladders and stairs and doors. However, if you are so “paranoid” no one can follow you into a teleporter. Design your work room so the only way in and out is a teleporter. If you want, keep that teleporter hidden behind a wall. It's that easy.

The Problem: I need private areas and my classic house doesn’t have proper doors.

The Solution: Yes, that was great thinking of the original designers, wasn’t it? Keeps have no doors after you enter them. Castles have no doors for the main body of the house. A few smaller houses have their own problems with this same issue. You can limit travel by newer teleporters from the vet reward collection or those chargable pads from the game codes. (I don’t recommend those). Anyone can buy and use the 12th year reward pads and they are unlimited unlike the pads you pay money for. Not only can they take you from 1 house to the other, if you have security clearance, they can take you from one part of the same house to another part of the same house. You can easily lock down (or use deeds) to block pathways and these pads will provide a secure way around the barrier.

Honestly, these vet house-to-house pads are one of the best additions to the game, even if they are so hard to reach. There are several different ways to use them. From getting around a neighborhood without touching the grass, to passages to friended houses, to short term quick access to event areas, to going from safe areas to houses in Fel without ever being outside. Got to love it.

The Problem: Wondering monsters or healers trespassing inside your home.

The Solution: You do NOT need to lock the door to solve this problem! At any inn, you can buy a deed to a barkeep OR you can place a vendor if you really want. Place said NPC right in front of the door to your house. Keep that door unlocked. If there are a pair of doors, the one without the NPC you lock, the one with the NPC you keep unlocked. Monsters that can open doors can still open the door all they like... but they can NOT pass.

The best part to having 2 doors where 1 is blocked and 1 isn't, when you have a packie following you, you can go in and out of the locked door without any problems. When we had woodland invasions to worry about, this was the best way to keep shoppers safe from the spawn. Otherwise, a monster will get stuck on the edge of the house when attacking you on the inside. If he can't see you... he can wonder right onto the house. I never liked this “double standard” and I always felt why we should have NPC guards we could place at spawn infested houses. hehe. But this will never come to pass.

Bonus: There is a known trick that may still be in play that allows people to travel from one level to the next, bypassing locked doors. There is a way to prevent this, not that I think it's a current issue. Simply cover the floor in carpet of fishing nets. I don’t know if the newer carpets will work, but again... I don’t think this is even a current issue. A carpet of colored fishing nets is far more impressive then anything else you can use for carpets. It's rarer, worth more, more interesting.

Now you can show off your handy work, so get to it!
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