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Summer is easy, Spring is easy, Winter is easy... what about Autumn?

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I am opening this up for discussion... so please feel free to read and respond. If you have decorating talent? All the better. =)

I did ask a question, very recently, about this upcoming snow and grass tile coming with Christmas 2012 gifts... to why we don’t have sand tiles as well. The more I think about it, the more we could use other tiles as well. Mainly, this is due to the fact that establishments can NOT easily change ground tiles to fit seasons or decoration themes.

For example, something bugging me right now is a nice pre-Christmas theme. How very little options we have for fall & early winter decoration.

If you live in a snow plagued area, you look outside your window right now, the grass is hardly summery green. Winter really doesn’t set in until after Christmas. Some areas have snow, others don’t really have snow until after New Years. Quite frankly, I was really leaning toured a non-snow Christmas in UO, this year... until the news of the new snow tiles broke. I think it was the same week! I’m old... I’m sick of snow... I’m sick of being cold. Even looking at snow, in game, makes me even colder when I sit in my chair and play my favorite game.

That was another question for our new “Ask and Answer” section... why can't we turn off the snowy winter they force on us? Some people love it! Don’t remove it for everyone, was my point. For the rest of us, how about business as usual? Can't say I wouldn’t still be tempted to change the seasonal décor just the same. I do like changing the front garden of my mall, if just that one house.

Themes I have:
A gross super pink and bright red Valentine’s thing.
Spring, easily fill the garden with way more flowers then usual.
Easter, has aspects thanks to both small colored eggs and the newer dragon eggs. We also have bunny statues now.
Summer, cut back on spring flowers and have a more traditional garden.
Later Summer, I turn the garden into corn fields.
Early Fall, I remove the corn and replace with old and mixed pumpkins.
Winter, I change the green shrubs to white, cover the grass with white champions, add other elements that include trees and such.

What's missing is true Autumn!

Other options I have include a horror theme and a tropical jungle theme.

*Keeping in mind, I wont add obstacles to get in the way of visitors. :-)

I could see portable dirt tiles added to create farm fields!

There is just no possible way to create an Autumn theme. You can only fake it to a point. The common plants, clearly, come in 15 colors. Including brown (straight orange), yellow, bright orange, and straight red. But again, you can't dampen the summer green grass! You don’t want to overdue the colored plants either. It adds lag. There are 4 winter trees in the Heritage Tokens... apple, pear, cherry, peach. (I think it's 4). 1 other tree does have fall colors. I have no room for these.

What I really want? Inside the ant dungeon... there are these small scatterings of fall leaves. Red, orange, and yellow. These would be perfect to fill in the gaps.

I also thought about scattered hay. That’s “mostly” common. However, it is too bright. Too new looking, if you know what I mean. Then, hay stacks are an obstacle. They block the way. I also thought about wheat shafts... however, it makes little sense to use these when we don’t have wheat plants. That would also be a welcome addition to the plant collection. Also, speaking of the plant collection, none of the “particular” plants come in brown, red, yellow or common colors. Just normal and the rare colors. You can't dye plants with plant dyes.

So, I don’t know. Maybe next year, go right to the new snow tiles? Just like a real life shopping mall. Also, keeping my fingers crossed the snow tiles aren't too bright white! hehe

Any ideas?
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