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Leonid Meteor Shower TONIGHT!

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May I suggest good company and a bottle of your favorite beverage to this? ;)


Or just capture the moment by yourself :)




The Leonid Meteor Shower will peak tonight through early dawn in the constellation Leo (the Lion).


To find the best fall-rate times for your area visit: Home page of the Meteor Shower Flux Estimator (FLUXTIMATOR).

Select “13 Leonid” in the drop-down box labeled “Shower” (just below the graph) and enter your information.


To download free software regarding the constellations and their location in the sky at a given date and time visit: http://www.stellarium.org/

Choose your operating system (OS) from the choices at the very top of the page. Remember to set your date, time and location in the settings (the default location is Paris, France).


Get out there and look up!






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