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Decorating the Impassable... Floors.

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(I updated this from it's original post, just a touch).

For more creative house designs, you could choose to use lava or water from the classic tiles, OR the water tiles from the Asian set. Once in place, it is impossible to place any items on these floor tiles. These impassible tiles can also be called raw obstacles.

This does not include swamp floor tiles! Swamp tiles are passable, as they are in the game world. Lava and water are not passable. Easily, you can walk right out and lock down the “bubbling swamp tile” lilies, swamp trees and/or appropriate monster statues without any worry and change them as you wish.

With the impassable floor tiles… there ARE items that will decorate them. Here are some examples:

Rare rewards:
Water Rocks, either a single or in 3 with animated water.
Water Pier, with animated water around the bottom.

Rocks (semi-rare) Daily spawn.
The cluster of lily pads from clean-up.
Granite from mining.

Rubble items like larger and golden colored rocks.
Sea-Weed... both from Maginica and some shards have as a daily rare.
Water Lilies (both rubble and grown from seed).

A larger job would be in the case of a “water feature” (pond, river, garden park), where you would also see locking down seed grown plants and/or rocks, then razing them to disguise harsh lines of transition.

Plus… I’m sure there are other things, but this is just for example. The Primeval Lich spawn can provide a few items, like that large demon statuette that would work great on lava. Those very dark colored rocks of different sizes, burned bone containers, and so on. Unfortunately, we have no FIRE items we can use for lockdown, much like the rubble camp fire or single fire-fields… still, the possibilities are endless even if you have never had success placing any items on these 2 sets of floor tiles.

Gaza mats will NOT work! Frankly, I have always seen these as common and ugly, avoiding them at all costs... however... they will come in handy for some decorating tricks. Afterward, I throw them in the bin.

What I’ve found that works… Say for example you have a lava space of 3x3 and you want a lava bubbling tile in the center. You have your design all set, you are happy… you are ready to start decorating. First, you must go back into construction mode and replace the lava floor with any other floor that you can walk on… so you can reach the spot you wish your rare tile. Complete the design, walk out, put down the tile and lock it down. Go back into construction mode. Replace the temporary pathway you made with lava tiles once again. Now when you come out of construction mode… the lava bubbling tile will be set where you want it… and any one passing by will see a 3x3 lava patch, without any gaps or flaws where the rare lava tile sits. The tile will not go into the moving crate! * If you short-cut and fail to put a real lava tile under the bubbling square, anyone passing by will notice!

Warning… to reach the tile once more, to recover it… you will need to replace the path again. Other then that, no problem.

This works also for any of the other situations described above. You want Water Rocks in your pond or river? Same thing. This also works for softening the hard lines around water features with plants. Set the plants, lock them down, replace the water… then raise the plants until you have the décor the way you want it.

Using Gaza mats or dyed carpets will look CHEAP and amateurish! Never shortcut when you can use the real thing.

As far as vendor placement goes… placing vendors on top of columns or plants, this can be done with out going into construction mode. When you have rented out vendors… going into construction mode is far from convenient. I personally recommend topping stand-alone columns with a grass tile… and then either Poppies or Champion plants. You can do this with a ladder from the “Heritage Token”. Ladder up… take care decorations and deeds… remove the ladder, no one is the wiser. There is NO need to use house teleporters for this job. More elaborate tall features may need a “castle ladder” from the same menu… and these can only be placed by the owner account not the co-owner.

Soon, (as mentioned in the notes for “holiday” 2012) we will see both grass and snow tiles added to our decoration options. Granted, they will be common at first, but will slowly become rare. Easily, I could see using the grass tiles on top of an obstacle floor tile to limit visitor traffic... if they are non-deeded squares. If they are deeded... they will act the same as a Gaza. We have to wait and see. The snow will work wonderfully for changing summer to winter or tiled houses to have garden space.

There are many other little tricks to help with special decorating needs, but a master house designer can't reveal all her tricks. Best of luck and never give up trying to top your personal best. Staff can walk over anything... we have to use skills. ;-)
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