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Buying Black and White Seeds from the Ant Seed Quest!

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Want to make unlimited gold millions? All it takes is a “green thumb” or knowing a small quest. This includes mutants you may get form normal plants. No limitations! 150k per seed. Give me 1... hive me 100... give me 1000. YOU win! Best part is... any NEWBIE, with a mount, can do this quest!!! Don’t grow them. No need to ID the seed... I take ALL Black and White seeds! Easy money.

Shards I offer this: Atlantic, Pacific, Napa Valley, and Uzumo.

If you are visiting from another shard, let me know how many and when. :-)

Limited Promotion Bonus: Atlantic players doing the seed quest get FREE thorns. That’s 1 FREE thorn per Black & White seed! :-D

Ant Seed Quest:

Naturalist Quest - UOGuide, the Ultima Online encyclopedia

Only doing the 5 nest quests will win you a black, white, or fire seed. Fire seeds are worth little and nothing to this offer. Doing only 4 nests, without the ‘green’ thorn, will get you pink, purple, or teal... also not worth anything to this offer.

Clue: It's best to be friended to the hive so the giant ants don’t bother you:

Friended to the Hive quest:

Solen Matriarch Quest - UOGuide, the Ultima Online encyclopedia

If you are interested or have meaningful questions... please contact me direct. PM, don’t respond to posts... that will never be checked again. :-)

Small print: If you can defend yourself, you will be far more successful.

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