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EM Event : Void pool Attack! in JPN shards

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Last weekend, we had one EM event in Mizuho, Izumo, Hokuto and Wakoku Shard.


Game is simple, Void pool attacking. These are results.


Mizuho : reached 179 waves

Izumo : reached 163 waves

Hokuto : reached 204 waves

Wakoku : reaches 183 waves


Each shard has over 100 players. It is greatest experience for us!


IN next Sat. We will do same game in Yamato, Mugen, Asuka, and Sakura. If you want to see the over 100 players Void Pool Attacking, Come on and join us!


Note: I joined this event in Mizuho Shard. Start from 22:00. Finish time is nearly 3:00. It takes 4h30min over! 眠いよ!

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Last Sat, We had same event in Sakura, Yamato, Asuka, and Mugen(Hardcore Shard)


Final Results below;


1st Asuka 233 waves

2nd Yamato 213 waves

3rd Hokuto 204 waves

4th Wakoku 183 waves

5位 Mizuho 179 waves

6位 Sakura 173 waves

7位 Izumo 163 waves


Mugen(Hardcore Shard) 110 waves


It takes 5-6h fighting, Maybe all of Japanese Shard player have got Very Very Tired, and Sleepy.

Requiem æternam dona eis, Domine,et lux perpetua luceat eis!

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