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[Publication:] Interview with Dupre in regards to Lord Blackthorns Coronation

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Interview with Dupre in regards to Lord Blackthornes Coronation.


Published by the Wolfram Institute




Maxine Walder of Yew

Constantin of Magincia



Q: Has Blackthorn made a statement about the crimes previously on his name?

A: I don't think he's made any official statements yet. But I have spoken to him on the matter. The story is quite complicated. But many years ago the vile Exodus captured Lord Blackthorn and brought him to The Void. There, he made a copy of Blackthorn. But, this copy was corrupted by Exodus. And it was this copy that worked with Exodus. All the while the real Blackthorn was kept in the void.


Q: So the chrages of War Crimes, and Treason have been officially pardoned?

A: There was no overseeing council to pardon Blackthorn, before he was crowned. Now Blackthorn is King I reckon he could pardon himself. But that would not look... not good. So that is a bit of a complicated situation I agree.


Q: What does Lord Blackthorn plan to do, to stop the rioting in the streets of our cities?

A: I think the riots have already started to quiet down. Since the news of the new King. Give the people hope and they will get behind the cause. And I think that is what Blackthorn has already done.


Q: Does Blackthorn still stand by the "Virtue" of Chaos?

A: I think the Virtue of Chaos is much misunderstood. Just by the way your pronounced it, I can hear the effects of all the negative advertising. I think that will be one of Blackthorn's toughest battles. To get people to understand his version of what Chaos stands for.


Q: Should Lord British return, will Blackthorn surrender the Crown?

A: That is a question King Blackthorn should answer for himself.


Q: Is it possible, Lord British has a bloodline somewhere in the Realm. And if so what is being done to find it?

A: I knew the old King quite well. We fought side by side. As far as I know he has no offspring.


Q: Has it been investigated?

A: I have been away for many years myself. I don't know what all has been investigate at that time, and what haven't. But like I said: As far as I know the old king have no offspring.


Q: You have yourself been an icon for Virtue for a long time. Will you personally keep true to such ideology, created by Lord British, or submit to Lord Blackthorns ideology of Chaos?

A: I always stay true to the virtues!


Q: Being the closest adviser to Lord Blackthorn. How would you suggest he should deal with all of those who still view him as a war criminal that should be put to justice?

A: I hope king Blackthorn will be able to convince them through his actions.


Q: Will there be any kind of reform to any current Laws of the Kingdom?

A: I haven't heard of any concrete plans yet. But laws are always changing. So I do not doubt there will be some reforms.


Q: Will there be any new taxes introduced?

A: Same answer as before.


Q: Will there be a council with the representatives of various regions created?

A: I honestly haven't had time to discuss matters like these with the new king.


Q: Would you personally consider the organization called Hand of Chaos, who claim themselves be protectors of Lord Blackthorn and his philosophy, be integrated in the security of Britain as guards?

A: Hmm, tough question. They have separated themselves from the Kingdom for so long. But, the Guards in Britain has been understaffed for a long time now. So I reckon we should at least consider it.


Q: Will the king send men to handle any groups that consider him a false king, that separate themselves from the Union?

A: Considering he is the founder of the Virtue of Chaos, which stands for freedom and individuality. I don't think he would send an army against people who don't agree with him. But, I do know King Blackthorn intends to reunite the Kingdom. So he will do his best to convince any dissenters.


End of Interview.

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