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Quick question about UO shirt in Bioware store

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Hello everyone, I want to buy this UO shirt from the Bioware store (I can't post a link because I'm a new user but its the one thats black and has the UO symbol on it) but before I order it it I was hoping someone who has it already could give me a little info. I was just wondering if the sizes run small or are standard, I'm a big guy and will buy the XXL but I'm hoping its not a tight fit, I prefer normal t-shirt fit like fruit of the loom or hanes. Also hows the quality, will the shirt hold up to being worn a lot because if I get it I can guarantee I will wear the hell out of it :)


Thanks for info, also I don't know if this is the appropriate place for this thread if its not I apologize.

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They just released it the other day so doubt anyone will have one yet, altho maybe they will give some away at the event in Fairfax.


Ahh ok I did not know that.


Unless they've changed suppliers, the last shirt I got from EA/Mythic/NameOfTheDay ran slightly small.


Thanks, that's what I was afraid of.

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