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The way of the Bushido - Jadens life

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Jaden Skrellis

Human Male

Age: 28

Birthplace: Vesper


Left at a temple near Zento when he was 4 years old, the monks took him in and taught him the ways of the Samurai.

From tales told by the elder monk, his parents were well-to-do merchants, but had no time for a child.

As far as Jaden knew, they still live today, but he also has no intent to look for them, their chance had passed to know him.


While Jaden spent many years meditating, he never really found peace of mind.

He has skills wielding the double bladed staff, and has lightning reflexes in unarmed combat.

Under the guidance of the monks, Jaden never learned to wear armors, always to walk in nothing but his doublet and short pants.


During a training session at the temple, Jaden was betrayed by a fellow student, who wished to advance in the studies by any means.

Jaden tried to dismantle the device constructed, but during this the device collapsed, causing the head monk to be injured.

The student wanting to get ahead was quick to point the finger at Jaden, who after a short debate was expelled from the temple.


For weeks, Jaden roamed around Zento, performing menial jobs to get some foods and survive another day.

Throughout those weeks his reputation rose under the citizenry.


One day, the city guards came to arrest him for breaking and entering, a crime he did not commit.

While in jail, he was visted for a mere 2 minutes by the ambitious student who merely smiled at him, not saying a word.

Jaden knew at once what had happened, but surely no one would believe him.


At this time, the only course of action was to escape from prison, and find a life elsewhere.

It took more than 2 weeks before a chance arose, he was moved to the courthouse, and his lack of aggression or misbehaving made the guards sure only 4 were needed as escorts.

During the walk, he slowly removed his bonds, which was a rope poorly tied in front of him.

Using the rope he quickly fell back tripping the guards.

The confusion that erupted he used to run for the wilderness.


For several weeks Jaden survived on the meats he could gather from the wildlife in the woods.

Under the cover of darkness, he one night made his way to the temple, snuck a piece of rotting meat in the betraying student's bed, afterwhich he took a ship's passage to the lands of Britannia.


The ship he was on came under attack of pirates, he grabbed a dagger from the captain's desk and jumped over the edge onto the pirate ship.

This stunned the pirates for a few seconds, long enough for the other ship to sail off.

Before he jumped ship himself, he cut the ropes which control the steering wheel making the ship uncontrollable.

Grabbing some boards, he jumped overboard.


For nearly 2 days he drifted on the makeshift raft, mainly meditating to conserve energy.

Finally he saw land, he jumped off and swam ashore.

Finally, mainland Britannia, but now he had to find out where he was, and where to go...

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*Written in clear handwriting, as if writtin by a monk... including flourishes for the capital characters*




It took me some weeks, and a long way around before I finally found the capital city.

It is good I have learned to be patient, I could avoid many brigands trying to get my purse.

The city of Britain, such splendor, much different from the pearl, Zento.

I am just hoping the people will be much like the Tokunese back home, friendly once the trust is earned.

So far, it seems not many folk understand the way of the Samurai.

I am not claiming to know it all, but I am nearly a bushido master compared to these people, a strange sensation, and takes restraint n my part.


As I entered Britain, I found a poster, it said something of a Wolfram institute.

Since most these people seem to be without guidance, an institute might be just what is needed, for me not in the least.

I was met there by a man named Ron, and he started out with some questions concerning honor and honesty.

About halfway I realised this, asked him if this was needed, as my Samurai ways dictate such behaviour.

He seems to understand, and stopped the questions there... I do not know if there were more, or if my comment really made a difference, but that was it.


Then I was given pieces of armor, and a weapon, most disconcerning, to give beginning students such powerful tools.

I was at the temple in Zento for more then two decades, and not once was issued Samurai armor or weapons, to blade I used there was something I fabricated of old logs and metal pieces.

It is good to have those though, and right off, I needed them as well.


While usually I train on trees, dummies and buildings, tonight I needed them on real enemies.

At first, mister Ron took me and miss Adara to a place called Despise, where he said there are lizardmen type creatures.

As we made our way in, nothing was as mister Ron recalled, and there most certainly were no lizardmen.

We fought a few of those, but they were much too tough for men and women of Adaras and my capabilities, I have so much to learn.

As soon as we got back to Britain, mister Ron killed one of those lizardmen, and I remembered where I saw those before, east to the swamplands.


So when we were let loose on our own ways for the moment, I set out there, perhaps my weapon skill will get better and I might find some of those lizardmen too.

I found snakes, rats, alligators and such, as I skinned them off their hides, many of the type we went for in the first place were there.

I collected quite a few before heading back, and made my way to Caerys inn.

Mister Ron informed me I would get payed for those leather pieces, and he would head for the bank.

I am hoping now his dealings are honorable too, and told him to pay me later, now was free night for enjoying at the inn.


Jaden - Student Samurai

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20-09-2012 - The woods of Britain


For several days I have spend my time meditating in the woods.

I purchased a bedroll I thing they call it, and been sitting on that doing my meditation activities.

While mister Ron-san said the library might just be suited for it, I noticed it is the passage everyone will use to move between floors.

So I will not do those duties there, I will find another quiet spot, perhaps my room at miss Caerys-san' her inn will suit my needs.


I am wondering when they will catch on I do not eat much, I have seen the folks here eat so much food in a single go, they could feed the entire Temple back in Zento.

My supply of Bisuketto, or biscuits in the Britannian tongue, is starting to run low, where I will find new ones I do not know now.

Only miss Caerys-san knows I look for stale Pan ichigin, or bread loafs, but I do not think even she knows why I want those.

Perhaps there is a old chef who knows how to make them, I will keep my eyes open.


Training is going well, the sturdy trees here make for good hardening of my fists and legs, I do my legwork running.

In a matter of a few days now, I found my running capacity has increased a lot, I can now run from Wolfram to the swamps and back without stopping.

I heard rumors of a Tokunese woman living here, or I assume she is, I heard a name Emiko in the grapevine, now it could be my Kyō sō, or Imagination, but I think I know my language when I hear them.

Now I have to be patient to meet her, it would be nice to see a familiar type of person, I have been feeling quite out of place, but that will only have to grow I am sure.

My ways are just too different from the ways of these people.


From the milk I received at Caerys-san's place, I saved the pitcher, which I now use to carry water while training.

This will help me to keep my balance even more, the air here seems to effect balance quite a bit.

I am a bit torn, do I keep this diary at this room or take it with me?

While Ron-san may be honorable, I am fearful it will not go for everyone, perhaps with me is best.


Jaden - Student Samurai

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*Jaden Skrellis' journal is found under the bed of the inn room he recently rented, there is one more entry*


19-01-2012 - 東私は行く - Go east I must


I was ill for a few weeks, I seem to even have missed a western holiday season, Christmas or some name.

Now I am finally able to walk on my feet again, I find the Institute is over growing with moss and other plants.

There is no sign of mister Humphrey, or any student.


I head for Caerys' bar, also closed for business, I think that sums up that sleeping room.

Nothing left for me now here, I can go further west or do as my yearning heart says, go back home, to Zento.

For two days I think of this, what I am going to do, stay here and cling to a life that is not mine?

Or head back home, fulfill my jail sentence and bring back honor to my name?

All the time, both ideas have their points in favor and against, from the mind I can not decide, so I use my heart for this.

It is not as if I know many folk here, so I will head back home to Zento, the warm climate, the folk understanding honor much better will be better for me as a man.


Yesterday I made my way to the docks, and check when a ship would leave for Zento, and surely, this morning one would.

I did not sleep all night, checking if I brought everything ready to go home.

It matters not, as soon as I arrive, I am sure to be arrested and all these things taken from me anyway.


I leave this journal here in Britain, in case someone wants to search for me, it will provide some clue where you can find me.


決別 - Goodbye Britain, it was different to live in your environment.

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