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Where you should go to Sightseeing in Japan Shard.

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Just only the fun.


If you have a time, you should visit Mizuho Shard and go to T-Britain Blue-boar.

There is one boar South of Blue-boar, named Pikky. It is real "Blue-Boar".


She is UMA discovered in a certain event of about ten years ago.

When Britain is invaded, in order to protect her, we are wholly desperate and used to fight.

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Sorry I think I am losing something in translation. Your a pig farmer that used to fight and want us to come and see a pig that turned blue?


Don't worry, Maybe "lossing something" is dancin' in my drunk head!


Sanctus, Sanctus, Sanctus Bacchus!


BTW, Don't you know 1st City invasion scenario?

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