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Which server is best for me?

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This question gets asked at least a dozen times a month, which in and of itself, is not a bad thing, as it seems to indicate a return of old players, or new players wanting to come into the mix.

First and foremost, you need to decide what you are looking for, population wise. There is no definitive way to know just how many players are online for any particular shard. The only ones that know are EA/Bioware, and they aren't sharing.

The best answer is the generic -

Atlantic seems to have the highest population, followed closely by Pacific, with Lake Superior and Catskills sort of pulling up the middle. The rest of the US shards are all fairly low population. Unless you want us to make up numbers and lie to you, it's best that you don't ask for numbers, as, once again, we simply do not know.

Also of large concern, especially if you aren't located in North America, Europe or Japan, is your connection to each server, especially as it relates to ping rate.

To find out which server would be best for you, re: latency, ping the servers using the following IP addresses.

Arirang (
Asuka (
Atlantic (
Baja (
Balhae (
Catskills (
Chesapeake (
Drachenfels (
Europa (
Formosa (
Great Lakes (
Hokuto (
Izumo (
Lake Austin (
Lake Superior (
Legends (
Mizuho (
Mugen (
Napa Valley (
Oceania (
Origin (
Pacific (
Sakura (
Siege Perilous (
Sonoma (
Wakoku (
Yamato (

US based servers start with either a 63 or a 65. You can either ping them, or use a site like Visual Trace Route. Use the proxy trace option.

As a final, and perhaps most important note - there are many wonderful subforums here on UOF - general server information, guild information, and much more. A good browse of those will likely as not answer any and all of your questions.

If, after you follow the above steps, you find that you still have questions that remain unanswered, ask away. The UOF community is both friendly and knowledgeable.
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Let me add a few more tips here, but great post Guido.

Oceania is for Australia and New Zealand folks. The lag is pretty noticeable connecting from the U.S. but it is not unplayable (and has lots of place for placing homes).

Europa and Drachenfels are predominantly European shards.

Sakura, Wakoku, Yamato and Izumo are predominantly Asian shards (i feel like I'm missing one).

Siege is a different, some say harder, some say more unique ruleset for the game where there is no "safe" zone, PVP is possible anywhere and everywhere, leveling is harder, and you cannot sell to NPCs.

There are a lot of options out there. Hope this helps.

Lord Chaos

Lord Chaos

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You're missing Mugen (I think its called), the japanese version of Siege.



    EOGamer Network PR ManagerEOGamer Network Community ManagerGodde

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I couldn't remember which one it was, but yeah that sounds right. It was either Mugen or Izumo

Tancred RedStar

Tancred RedStar

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You forgot Hokuto for sure, I played there for a while and it had a very large population of Americans serving on Okinawa and other US bases in the region.

Here is a carefully crafted shard list, broken down by region and country:
Shards - UOGuide, the Ultima Online encyclopedia
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UOGuide - The Ultima Online wiki that anyone can edit.




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Hello all I'm new to these forums and a returning player of uo who hasn't been a dedicated player since approximately 1996-1998 I'm going to be on a fresh account trial at the moment but hopefully not for long and need some advice on a shard I used the traceroute site linked in this post on the three north american servers Atlantic Catskills and Chesapeake and this was the result.

Atlantic = 20 hops/27.2 sec

Catskills = 18 hops/29.5 sec

Chesapeake = 38 hops/ 13.8sec

Could anyone help me figure out which of the listed servers would be best for a basic twice born newbie? and by best I mean good chance of finding a guild to help me relearn the game and a good chance of placing a house when I can afford it. much thanks and you can contact me via icq or a pm on this forum :)



    EOGamer Network PR ManagerEOGamer Network Community ManagerGodde

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I would recommend Atlantic or Catskills. Both have an active playerbase. Atlantic is pretty populated though.


Might spend a few days as a test character on each and see.