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Opening of Get Bliss'd Tavern (Eventageous)

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On July the 16th the Get Bliss'd Tavern officially opened. There were three contests that would ultimately lead to one champion.

Drinking Contest
You can't really open a tavern without having a bit of drinking!

Posted Image

Guests had to down 11 mugs of various alcohol and manage to still stand. The first to do so would be the winner. Bishop consumed his booze the quickest and thankfully didn't barf on the carpets.

Bar Brawl
Once people are drunk, it's only matter of time before somebody is wanting to brawl. The tavern keeper told them to, "take it out back!"

Posted Image

This was a free for all fight and once again the last one standing would win! Utopia bested both of guys proving women definitely aren't the weaker sex!

Dart Throwing
The final contest of the night involved throwing darts. Perhaps having this contest last wasn't the best idea? Everybody was drunk and badly beaten!

Posted Image

In this contest, each guest got 3 darts. Bishop managed to score 70 points and won!

At the end of the contests, Bishop emerged Eventageous' Drunkard Champ!

Posted Image

Bishop walked away 7 million gold and another green mug of Eventageous' finest alcohol. Utopia won 1 mill gold and a blanket of darkness for taking 2nd place.

Random Prize Give Away

Posted Image

There there was the matter of the brightly colored chest to deal with. Each guest was allowed to pick one colored robe at the start of the night. For each contest they won, they were able to pick another. Each robe went with a chest. Prizes ranged from full soulstones & soulstone frags to million gold piece checks. There was quiet of a bit of deco items ranging from tokens to potted plants. Not to mention there were numerous "gag gifts." All chests weighed 54 stones and were locked so guests had no idea what was in each chest.

On a side note, Eventageous' Memorial Garden is also opened...there is a contest for 10 million gold. Only people who attended July 1st and/or July 16 may enter. It's part of the role play story. If you want more information please contact me!

Posted Image