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Race: Human Male

Age: 18 years

Height: 1,90 meters


Father: Jake Morgan, City Guard

Mother: Francesca Morgan, House wife




Special features: Very broad build upper body, looks surprisingly strong for his age.

A large scar runs above his left eyebrow, at closer inspection it appears to have been make by a small item, like a skinning knife or table knife.



Kyle grew up in Britain, his parents own a house on the east of town, just north of east park.

Many of his young years he was found causing all sorts of trouble for West Britain shopkeepers, so more often then not, he would be in the hands of his father, while he was working.

In the later teenage years, his father would throw him into a jail cell for the rest of a day, only to be punished again later when they got home.

These punishments were not too severe, while strict, his parents were very just in their dealings with him.


To this end, when he did not want to get in trouble so much, he went to the Britain Library, many hours a day were spent there, more as months progressed.

There he discovered the world was a lot bigger then just Britain.

In stead of actually travelling, he read up on cities of the lands.


It was not until his 18th birthday, he discovered cooking as a passtime.

While for years he was practically a loose cannon roaming the city, finally he saw some kind of purpose for himself.

While cooking holds his interest greatly, his lack of skills make sure he fails a fair portion of his attempts, the only reason he keeps going, is his , almost annoying, positive attitude on life.



While for years Kyle has already been exceptionally strong and musculine, he also found lumberjacking to allow him to vent excessive energy, allowing his strength to get even greater.

As of yet unable to find anyone wanting to buy the boards he cuts, he tends to use some with a saw and nails, hence giving him some useful skills.

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