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There will be a SUMMER STORY CONTEST later this month on Saturday, 28th July at 8pm EST. Should this date prove really really difficult, it will be on the Friday instead. If both are difficult, it'll be on the Saturday still. It will happen one way or the other!


Entries must in some (however vague) way relate to the theme of SUMMER. And by that I mean a northern hemisphere summer. Also many types of mushroom sprout in the summer. I just thought I'd mention that.


You'll need to read each entry aloud, so keep it to no more than 10 minutes in length at most. This is to give everyone time to read their stories out without half the audience falling asleep. If we only get two people show up then it won't be a problem!


The event will take place at the Shrine of Sobriety. You can reach the shrine via the teleporter with green book on it at the Tea House in PaxOku. I can also have someone gate people from Haven Bank.


There will be PRIZES and PRAISE for the best entries. If there are enough people, we will have a panel of three judges. If not, it will just be me who will judge (bribes can be left in my mailbox).


You are all pretty creative people so I hope to see you there!

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I have some new Fish Stories, even with a Summer Theme since I fish in all seasons. Summer seems to bring out more pirates though. When will they learn I'm only fishing for fish, not loot or treasure or ale? ... well, maybe a keg of ale if it snags my hook.

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