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For those who missed Eventageous' Grand Opening. (Picture Heavy)

- - - - -

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For weeks, Luna had literally been littered with books promoting Eventageous’ Grand Opening. There were 3 contests, one “top secret” event and a lotto.

On July 1st, at roughly 7:30 p.m. EST people gathered at Eventageous’ Event Hall. Contests were touched on quickly and then it was onto the main event explanation. The event would be done in 3 rounds - RP, PvM and PvP. Whoever earned the most points would win the main event prize of 10 million gp. A book was locked down with the point values of the items and clues to locate.

Posted Image

Round 1 - RP

Bliss explained her staff was late returning with some last minute party supplies. Wondering what the hold up was, she invited guests to join her in Occlo to find out for themselves.

Near the bank a gruesome discovery was made. The lifeless body of Natty, one of Bliss’ staff, was hidden partially behind a tree. Finding no pulse, Bliss ushered her guests away. She urged them to go look for the rest of the staff while she reported the murder to the guards. One guest noticed an important clue, a piece of torn red robe, by the body.

Posted Image

Later they met back at the keep and shared what they found. There was no signs of the staff anywhere but there was ruined party supplies scattered all around.

Posted Image

(Guests turned these in for points. Round 1 was tallied up and announced.)

Round 2 - PvM

Bliss sent guests to search the Minoc woods for her missing staff. She explained some of them might be gathering raw materials. There was also the question of safety. Bliss cautioned them to be well armed. After all, there was a murderer about!

A search of the woods lead to the discovery of Calvin, a well known local man. His body was ripped apart. (A book described the scene and suggested that guests search for more clues.)

Posted Image

There was a bloody footprint trail leading up to the Ice Cave.

Posted Image

Inside the cave were more bodies with even more clues. Guests gathered them all quickly and returned back to the keep.

Posted Image

(Round 2 is quickly tallied.)

Round 3 - PvP

Most of the staff was accounted for at this point but one, Paige, Bliss’ most trusted and valued staff member. It is suggested a search of Paige’s private quarters be conducted. The room is packed full of clues. There was a drawer full of gifts from two different men, a journal gave even more insight and there was a threatening letter crumpled on the rug. After the search things became clear. Paige, while very much in love with Calvin, had to deal with an obsessive stalker. Marcus blamed Bliss and Calvin for Paige’s rejection. (While guests investigated the room a man in a red robe left the party.)

Posted Image

A guest noticed a rune to Bucs and the group decided to head there. There were more supplies to be collected but there was also a nasty surprise.

Posted Image

One of the guests was Marcus in disguise! (wearing a red robe) He attacked the guests, singling out those not with the group first. Soon the guests are grouped up and chasing Marcus around Bucs Den.

Posted Image

After awhile they managed to catch and kill him. There still was no sign of Paige.

(Guests return to keep again and tallies are made once again.

Bonus Round!

Back at the keep a reward of 5 million gold was offered for Paige’s return. A clue pointed the guests to Yew. They quickly searched and found Paige alone on an island. (In the journal there was mention of this island. Calvin and Paige came here to play music many times. On that night Calvin was going to ask her to marry him - hence the setup.) She was drinking poison trying to kill herself. Mamasita tried to soothe her while another lied to her and said, "Calvin is alive!" The guest, Mayte, even went so far as to forge a letter from Calvin! Paige noticed it wasn't Calvin’s handwriting and ran back to the keep thinking Marcus sent the man to get her. Bliss calmed her down and sent her off to bed.

Posted Image

Once everybody was back at the keep, they headed up to the tavern. It was time to unwind with some Minoc Marvel Mist (MMM) and peanut butter cookies. Lotto tickets were handed out to all guests. Several items were rewarded.


Contests Winners as voted by Eventageous' guests.

Decoration - Ducan & Foxie tied. Both got a torture rack deed facing east and 5 million gold.

Posted Image

Posted Image

RP Book - Rastarazor wins 10 million gold for his The Vampire Vasculio story.

Posted Image

Tavern Name & Slogan - Rastarazor wins with The Get Bliss'd Tavern / Why walk when ya can crawl.

Posted Image

Main Event - Mamasita wins 10 million and she also picked up an additional 5 million in the bonus round. (total 15 mill!)

Lotto had many winners.

1 million gp and full set of AoS potted plants - Catalina
1 million gp and earring of protector token - Saber
Soulstone fragment token - Catalysm
Full soulstone token - Foxie
Pedestal - Matey
+20 to stats scroll - Theros Moonblade

Congratulations to all the winners and a big thanks to everybody who showed up. I had an amazing night. :) Stay tuned for next time!